Advanced Gluten Free Baking

Anyone who has been on one of my courses will know how excitable I can be when it comes to baking! River Cottage have been hosting my baking course for a couple of years now and it is always fully booked out with folks keen to improve their knowledge.

I have watched a host of trepidatious bakers hold their creations out with shining eyes after a pile of unassuming flour becomes a buttery cookie or a slice of sourdough bread. Their questions and enthusiasm to learn a whole new way of baking always make my heart swell fit to burst with the joy of it all.

After many requests, we have developed an Advanced Gluten Free Day for those of you who already bake gluten free and wish to tackle something a little more complex - or folks who have been on one of my courses.

Whilst remaining as true as possible to my mantra of fermentation and whole grains, the advanced day will cover the mysteries of flaky Puff Pastry, airy Choux Pastry, Yeasted Pastry, using starchy veg in baking and how to make a Pitta puff.

We will discuss in greater depth the myriad flour possibilities available to the gluten free baker and inspire you with greater confidence to experiment meaningfully in your own kitchen.

If you're interested in my Gluten Free Day - read a wonderful review from Caleigh here. Tickets available for the January 2014 course here.

For my November 2013 Advanced Gluten Free Day, tickets are available here - or call 01297 630300 to speak to the lovely River Cottage staff.

I can't wait to see you there! x x x