100 Lovely Souls

This morning I looked at my blogger dashboard and there blinking at me from my little band of followers was the number 100!

I felt a surge of pride and wanted immediately to tell you all how much I appreciate your support. No matter how often I click through comments, suggestions and questions, each one feels like a little pat on the back, a warm hand reaching out to fit into mine, just so.

I give my thanks to each and every one of my followers and to all those others who stop by to just to look or share their own thoughts. How wonderful to be connected to so many people!

As a celebration of this lovely round number I offer you the chance to pick which grain free recipe I post next. I'm keeping some back for a book that will eventually bubble up to the surface, but I'd like you to choose which one you want to see next.

Number one is Harlequin Squash Bread, light and sweet - pictured below:

Number two is Pecan Apple Bread, malty and moist - pictured here:

Number three is these Pear Muffins, with a delicious crust and soft interior:

Let me know by the 28th and I'll post the one with the most votes.

x x x