Half Term

Yesterday evening the phone rang just as myself, Finley and two muddy friends tumbled in the front door and cast off our coats and shoes. It was Nick's mother calling to check that everything was ok, because I hadn't posted anything for almost two weeks. I was able to reassure her instantly that we were all perfectly fine, but had been somewhat preoccupied with half term and the endless possibilities it offered.

Why just that very day we had solved the rubiks cube from scratch (using a fantastic online tutorial), driven down to Lyme Regis to play mini golf with said friends, who then spent at least half an hour rolling down a very steep hill giggling helplessly, whilst I gazed over Lyme bay at the seagulls thronged around a homecoming day boat and the mist rolling in as the sun headed for the horizon. A little splashing and digging later we were back in the car, flushed with high spirits and heading home for pork roasted with aniseed and garlic, buttery pea puree and handfuls of peppery rocket and mild spinach. Yes, everything is just fine Granny Jane!

I have been cooking, just not recording so much. There are recipes in the pipeline, but for now, I'll give you a little taste of what we have been eating this last week and promise you that I will have a somewhat belated post for this month's, 'Go Ahead Honey it's Gluten Free!' for your delectation as soon as Fin goes back to school. Until then we have been eating.......

Pea, Garlic and Watercress Soup (a variation on pea and basil soup which Fin had for lunch and supper he loved it so much!)

Mini Parma Ham and Spinach Quiches

Squash Bread (and squash muffins with a little honey and cinnamon)

Apple and Pecan Bread

and Banana and Coconut  Ice-cream (with coconut cream added to this recipe)

I'll be back again with something fresh next week. Until then, enjoy the rest of half term, it will be over before you know it.

x x x