Christmas is Coming!

Last night Bridport hummed with the chatter of late night shoppers bustling about town cradling cups of mulled cider and stamping their feet to keep warm. Children ran across the closed main street and back again, just to see how it felt. The air was clear and hard, chilling the breath as it left our mouths in puffs each time we laughed, rich with the savoury smell of sausages, onions and spice. Fin had already eaten, but my stomach liked the idea of that street food a lot. However, English street food is not my friend and I had a lovely hogget chop and a bunch of rosemary with my name on them at home, so I hushed my grumbling belly and sniffed the air with pleasure.

Fin's school were carol singing in the town square to the accompaniment of accordion, fiddle and whistle. We had been given two different sets of words and with each competing phrase we looked up with raised eyebrows and giggled through the instrumentals. In the end the only thing to do was to huddle close and look over each other's shoulders at the same song sheet.

Then we were free to wander through the fairy-lit streets and gobble up the Christmas eye candy.

As it was such a cold night I offered to make Fin a balaclava. I had precisely ten minutes before we were due at the square for singing, so I snipped up some black jersey and stitched up a  ninja balaclava (using the drawing above - by Fin) in five minutes. Fin was duly impressed and remarked that it was a good thing I had projects such as this to occupy me, so that my three years spent obtaining an honours degree in costume design had not been a complete waste of time. No indeed.....

To augment the ninja balaclava, Fin found a glowing light sabre on sale in the night market and pleaded for it to be added to his Christmas list. We bought a green one - the correct colour apparently - and for one night only, Fin was a dashing ninja/jedi warrior as he melted in and out of the friendly crowd, masked and dangerous.

Finally it was time to stroll back home, Fin lighting the way with a variety of camp martial arts style postures. He was asleep almost before he'd undressed and my deeply flavoured hogget chop sizzled happily in the pan amid a nest of fresh rosemary. Worth the wait.....