'Colitis and Me - a story of recovery' by Raman Prasad

I first came across Raman Prasad when I stumbled into his excellent resource for the Specific Carbohydrate Diet - SCDrecipe.com. I snapped up his delicious looking cookbook soon afterwards and wrote a review of it as fast as my fingers could type (admittedly not that fast). A review that might conservatively be described as glowing. The only complaint I had about the book was that it didn't tell me enough about Raman himself. Who was this warm creative cook? What was his journey?

Of course unbeknown to me, Raman had already written his story in full, in a book titled, 'Colitis and Me'. A week later the postman handed me a suspiciously book-like parcel with American stamps on it and I started to get to know Raman properly, in his own words.

'Colitis and Me' is the story of a young man with Ulcerative Colitis and his painful journey to find a cure for the constant pain he lives with every day. It is such a harrowing story, yet Raman writes with a light touch, treading a fine path between humour and honesty. A few pages in I was hooked. This wasn't my story at all, but it spoke to me instantly of shared bewilderment, living with pain and fatigue, of searching fruitlessly for solutions to a problem the Doctors tell you is unsolvable - and very possibly a figment of your own imagination. The fear that life will never be quite normal for you and the determination to find your own way out.

The book is also beautiful to look at - each page has vintage anatomical drawings and images of fantastical looking Victorian medical equipment that break up the text, adding to the sense that this is a journey against all odds.

Anyone who knows of Raman's work will be aware that this story has a happy ending. Raman finally discovers the SCD and slowly heals his poor damaged gut through diet - going on to help thousands of others do the same. For anyone doubting that Ulcerative Colitis, Crohn's, Diverticulitis and other IBD's can be managed with diet - this affirmation that it can be done, may just change your mind.

This book will speak to anyone who suffers with digestive disorder, anyone who has felt alone and confused by their condition, anyone recently diagnosed who feels condemned to a long sentence of steroids and other medication. It is a triumph of amazing hope and strength where many others would have given up the fight and gone under. Let it inspire you to take control of your own health too.

You can buy 'Colitis and Me' directly from Raman Prasad at SCDrecipe.com

or from Amazon by clicking this link.