'Go Ahead Honey, it's Gluten Free!' - Is it really September already? Eeek!

Gather round my lovely readers, because the nights are starting to close in again, leaves making their way back to the earth to continue the endless cycle of growth and decay. That indescribable scent is in the air again, first thing in the morning - just poke your head out there now and inhale.....the flavour of a harvest passed, chestnuts almost ready to fall, the hedge full of the last brambles, the collective creaking of wardrobe doors as we delve in deep for those stowed away jumpers in ochre, purple and red.

It's my turn again to host 'Go Ahead Honey', (now that I have a little more time on my hands) and I though that a fitting theme would be 'Slow Food'. Now I guess slow food means different things to different people - to me it means, the sort of thing you cook when you are going to be at home a while and can leave something to simmer or braise for some time, possibly stirring it occasionally or just enjoying the delicious smells that drift around the house and fill you with a sense of comfort and well being.

It's no accident that slowly cooked food is exactly what we need (energetically speaking) when the weather turns damp and cold and our bodies are swathed in layers of clothing. Braising, simmering, slow roasting, pot roasting - all maximise the sweetness of vegetables, melt tough collagen in those hard working cuts of meat and get the last bits of flavour out of the chicken bones or veg scraps you've been keeping. Any herbs or spices that are added to these dishes take on a deep and rounded flavour that improves if you're lucky enough to have any leftovers the next day.

As much as I love the summer, when Autumn comes peeking from behind a fully laden apple tree, I know the kitchen will be a warm and inviting hub of bubbling cooking pots and caramelising vegetables.

I don't mind if you choose sweet or savoury slow food, it could be chutney or jam, some seasonal fruit that you have gently coaxed into its sweetest and most pliant state with a cool oven or those lamb shanks that just long to be bathed in Moroccan spices and steamed slowly in a tagine.

There will be special mentions for both the person who manages to make the slowest dish, and the dish that is most locally sourced (if it's also cooked using a green form of energy I will do a little dance and blow trumpets too)

The deadline for these wonderful recipes is September 30th. Send me a link to your post and a (not too big) photo if possible and I will post the round up in the first week of October.

I do need more hosts, so if you're interested let me know before the end of the month.