Go Ahead Honey It's Gluten Free! May Round Up - Breakfast

So here I am again after what feels like only forty winks, to share with you all the wonderful dishes contributed to this month's, 'Go Ahead Honey It's Gluten Free!' event.

'Go Ahead Honey It's Gluten Free!' is a monthly online food event for gluten free bloggers and those who fancy trying their hand at a little gluten free something. This month's theme was Breakfast Food - a particular problem for me, as I have had to change my breakfast routine radically since I took up the SCD diet. However, as with most things, all you need to do is ask and people give you the most wonderful ideas that you might never have stumbled on yourself - especially in the morning, when I tend to do a fair bit of stumbling and eye rubbing and not much innovative breakfast preparation.

So when I invited folks over for breakfast - little did I know that it would turn into a full blown sleepover followed by a breakfast feast. Lets have a look at what everybody bought to the breakfast table.

First up after a long night of chatting was Chou of Balance Food who whipped up two dishes, so full of life and colour that I had to rub my eyes all over again. Her spinach breakfast salad with bacon and egg makes me want to run to the kitchen right now and get out the salad spinner and the mango smoothie? Well this morning is bought to you by the colours green and orange. Anyone for a run?

For those at the party who just had to have toast with their spinach salad, Cheryl at Gluten Free Goodness had baked a delicious loaf speckled with black sesame seeds.

Next to surface was Aylena of Gluten Free South Africa, who roasted up some delicious cocoa nib granola and layered it into a pretty glass with Greek yogurt and cherry compote. The smell of those roasted cocoa nibs and warm cherries is about as close as you can get to black forest gateau whilst still being amazingly healthy.

Lynne of Gluten Free Gastronaut was right in the middle of a self imposed moratorium on grocery shopping, so we were intrigued to see what she would come up with out of her dwindling larder. But limitation is the mother of invention and breakfast is hardly complete without some pancakes is it? So Lynne made us some fluffy, golden quinoa pancakes, bursting with enough protein to keep us going till lunch. Pass the honey Lynne...

Emilia of Gluten Free Day woke with a little story about her Grandmother in Lapland. She told us about Saturday mornings in her Grandmother's house, when she would wake to warm, freashly baked bread for breakfast and how the scent of it in a warm kitchen was the very essence of a comforting breakfast time for her. So she made us some of her own breads - adapted to be gluten free and we all basked in the warm bready smell like small children.

Terri of Faking It Gluten Free Style, bought a whole new take on the traditional eggs and fried potatoes breakfast by making a quiche (or egg pie as she has re-branded it in order to sneak it past her unsuspecting son) with a potato crust. You might like to make your crust the night before if you're not as perky as Terri first thing in the morning. Or just settle down with a pot of coffee while it bakes and wait for Mr Jekyll to turn back into Mr Hyde.

We looked up from our plates in time to see Rachel of Wheat Free Meat Free come bounding in with a bag of spuds and her prized cast iron pan. She set to immediately and soon the kitchen was filled with the delicious aroma of spicy, garlicky potatoes, as savoury a breakfast as you could ask for!

There was a ring at the door and everyone looked up expectantly to see who the early morning caller was - of course it was only Nick the Peanut Butter Boy who had slipped out at the crack of dawn for a run while the rest of us were still sleeping. He knew what he needed for breakfast - a high protein banana omelette, the perfect post workout meal, being light, easy to digest and also providing some swiftly absorbed fruit sugars to prevent a blood sugar crash.

Now there were two of us who took an entirely more dessert-ish approach to our huge communal breakfast feast.

Lauren of Celiac Teen had baked a beautiful marble cake which she proceeded to slice onto a pretty plate while I brewed up another pot of tea (can't have cake without tea can you?).

While the kettle was boiling - in order not to watch it - I threw some frozen bananas into the blender and made some instant, super free-from Pure Banana Ice-cream. One of those tricks of nature, transforming frozen bananas into the creamiest thing imaginable besides cream itself - throw in some nut butter and you'll never go back to dairy!

And then we sat back and clutched our stomachs and wondered who was going to do the washing up. Perhaps a mid morning snooze first? If I forgot to list anyone who contributed, please let me know and I will add your entry.

Next Month's event is hosted by Carrie at Ginger Lemon Girl and her theme is One Pot Meals - gluten free of course! We all need something on our repertoire that goes into the oven or on the stove and needs little more than to be left to do its thing and is mercifully short on washing up. Especially us parents with a seemingly endless round of meals, snacks and packed lunches to provide. One pot meals can cover everything from the humblest Shepherd's Pie to the most divine Provencal Daube or Persian Koresht. Just make sure there's at least one vegetable in there or the food police will be after you! I can't wait to extend my One Pot repertoire!

x x x