'Go Ahead Honey its Gluten Free!' May Event - Breakfast

Most mornings I stumble into the kitchen with my hair at right angles to my face, grunting in a manner vaguely reminiscent of a neanderthal and throw together a banana smoothie. It might have a drop of rose water or some vanilla, a few cardamom seeds, a teaspoon of hazelbutter or a splash of pineapple juice in there, but mostly its just smooth, easy, unchallenging. I sip it gratefully as I piece together Fin's lunch and herd his book bag, crash helmet, socks, shoes, pants and jacket towards him, hoping they will find their way onto his person before 8.30 ticks round again.

Some mornings though, I wake with a feeling to bake, or make pancakes, to poach an egg or two and toss some mushrooms in a pan. Or I might just spy a pear at the very point of ripeness, juice saturating the flesh, waiting to run down my chin and snake round my wrists.

Of all meals, I think breakfast is the most personal, the meal that comforts our foggy heads, brings our dream selves back into our bodies and sends us out the door ready to face the day. So my challenge this month is to create and post about a breakfast dish you love. It could be a simple smoothie or it could be waffles with piles of berries, whipped cream and syrup. Hey it could even be miso soup! I want to see the variety of breakfasts out there and the many ways you find to make them interesting and delicious.

I'd love to hear about your mornings too. Why not let us know a little more about yourself and why you eat those things for breakfast? Maybe you'd like to tell us about your perfect weekend breakfast, when there is time to cook up a feast and linger over the papers. Maybe there's a history to your breakfast, a recipe passed down to you, a childhood memory of eating that food and all the thoughts and feelings it evokes. Be creative!

All you need to do to enter the event is this:

1 Choose a breakfast food and make it gluten free (it might be inherently gluten free)

2 Post about it on your blog in the most delicious way you know how, by May 21.

3 Include a link to this post in your post and make it obvious what the event is.

4 email me the permalink to your post and a jpeg image for the round up.

Then just swing by at the end of May for the round up and enjoy reading about everyone elses breakfasts.

I look forward to hearing all about it!

x x x