An Award and a MeMe, this is turning out to be some Saturday!

Katie of Apple and Spice nominated me to receive an E for excellence award this morning. There is a logo to display and everything, but my computer said the file was corrupted and so I thought I had better wait to show it off. I puffed out my chest a little though and felt mighty appreciated and glad to be part of such a warm and inclusive bunch of bloggers. Thanks Katie - you kinda made my morning.

She also tagged me for a Meme and I was all ready to groan and look the other way when I realised that this meme is different. It involves some thought, some percolating of one's tendency to ramble and expostulate at length. It only involves 6 words, chosen in the manner of a top sommellier after sampling hundreds of possibilities, for their perfection, their depth and breadth, for the ripples they leave in the pond after the stone has been cast. Those of you who (to quote the Big Lebowski's Dude), 'are not into that whole brevity thing', will not enjoy this meme. But for those of you who ponder over a haiku or love the words 'cellar door' or have to stop and catch your breath when something is stated with a surgeon's acuracy - this one's for you.

When I thought about it some more I got even more excited because this meme has a touch of homeopathy in it. I'll explain, because that may seem odd to anyone except a fellow prescriber. In a homeopathic consultation the aim is to see the pattern that runs through someone's life, through the choices they make, the way they sit, how they express themselves, the diseases they succomb to. All these seemingly disparate events and qualities can be distilled into a theme or a phrase that describes the essence of what that person is about at that time, in that moment. It gives a clue as to what knocked them off balance. It might be, 'I will not hurt others or be hurt by them', the essence of Nat-mur (salt) it may be something as simple as a shock which got trapped somehow and led that person to react to everyday situations as though they were a replay of the original shock, that phrase is simply, 'I am in shock'.

Sounds simple doesn't it? But the skill is in tuning out all all the white noise that distracts from the central theme humming away in the background. The beauty and magic of homeopathy is that when you do manage to whittle away to that essence and give the remedy, what it reflects is a dynamic mirror of a snap shot they are stuck in. And then all that happens is movement and release. Sure it can be painful and surprising, but mostly it's just a relief.

All I have to do is pick 6 words that sum me up, communicate my essence to the reader and resonate like a singing bowl with that note which describes me and lingers in the air suggesting the whole spectrum, rise and fall and fade of a sound that is entirely me. Then I need to nominate 6 other folks to do the same, letting them know I nominated them and asking them to link back to this post and then nominate their own 6, and on it goes....

So here they are, my 6 pregnant words, I look forward to reading yours.


I nominate:
Gluten a Go Go
Nutty Meat Fruit
Peanut Butter Boy
Gluten Free For Good
Gluten Free Day
White On Rice Couple