Announcing March, 'Go Ahead Honey, Its Gluten Free!'

Hey, all you gluten free bakers, bloggers and dabblers! Come on in and get your spring thinking cap on, because March's theme for,'Go Ahead Honey, Its Gluten Free!' is Birthday Baking for Children and it's hosted by Linda of Make Life Sweeter.

Now, you don't have to bake a big fancy birthday cake for this event - maybe you want to make pizza or garlic bread, ice-cream (inherantly gluten free!) or simply smear something (anything) in chocolate - always a winner with the under tens, and me of course.

Make your dish by March 24th, link to Linda's blog and write about it in the most delicious and inspiring way you know how. Email Linda your submission, with a photo if possible.

We'd love to come along to your party and know that there is something safe and tasty to eat - promise not to squabble over who blows out the candles.....