Somebody Got Me

I just returned from a lovely weekend in Brighton with my sisters; mooching and shopping, eating a delicious spiced parsnip soup at Bills overpriced deli and some clean sweet green curry, infused with the heady scent of holy basil - in their local Thai, where the French waiter praised our order by saying, 'nice order, nice table!' in such a way that it seemed totally genuine. Bet he gets a lot of tips.

Later we played a raucus game of 'Who Wants to be a Millionnaire?' in a cosy pub, complete with authentic suspense building noises from Tash and the correct answering of the £500'000 question by Sam. With great excitement he asked for the Million pound question, but was horrified to find that the cupboard was bare and the box contained nothing higher than the £500'000 cards. Somebody had stollen those cards right out of the box - but why? We cheered him up with another beer, but the shine was off the penny.

Each night of my stay, snuggled up in a makeshift bed, I was free to read my book as long as I liked before I snapped off the light and fell into a deep and undisturbed sleep. I sighed and wriggled my toes, knowing that Fin would not wake me at 6am to tell me that he had found a new use for toilet roll innards. All I had to do was be myself. Thank you my honeys, I really do love you.

When I checked my blog this morning I saw that I had been tagged. My heart sank. I'm not really one for passing on those emails you get every other day from someone claiming that if you break the chain you are letting down the sisterhood or preventing cancer sufferers from getting better (by the way, I do help quite a lot in that direction already....)

I went back to Simply Gluten Free who tagged me and read her post. I love her blog, I loved her post. It was pithy, interesting, I wanted to read it. Damn, I'm gonna have to come up with something now and it better be good. Those of you who who would like to know some things about me that I probably haven't shared on the blog, hang in there - it will be my next post. Everyone else - there will be more baking soon, coming up are: brazilnut breakfast muffins, rhubarb cake and the recipe for that pea torte. Hang on in there.......