Go Ahead Honey! Its Gluten Free...

Oh how my heart sings with hope when I hear the words; 'Go ahead honey, its gluten free'. Well here at Straight into Bed Cakefree and Dried, we are always gluten free and today I bring you some delicious contributions from other pioneers and experimenters on the frontier of baking without gluten; for a dedicated gluten free baking event. Just click on the link in each listing to visit the recipe.

This month's theme is Tea-time Treats; those morsels that we nibble in the afternoon with a cup of tea or glass of milk. It's a tradition that I love, celebrating the art of dropping round to a friend for a chat and a little something, or having a bit of special time with the kids after school while you read together, an excuse to stop what we're doing, munch and connect with someone we love.

You may have read the story of my contribution to this particular teaparty. Myself and Fin made some boozy babycakes, but found we were out of most of the ingredients and had to improvise enormously - luckily, the results were delicious, who would have known mayonnaise could be so versatile?

First to arrive is Linda of Make Life Sweeter who bought a delicious plate of pistachio cookies (pistachio moppen), pale green and crunchy, they made my mouth water and long for a glass of mint and rose tea to nibble them with.

Hang on, I'll just get the door... Hey, it's Gabi of The feast Within and she bought the most wonderfully indulgent coconut dacquoise chocolate caramel mousse stacks! Those babies would require a little R&R post tea-time to fully savour and digest. Gabi presents them beautifully with a Peter Rabbit tea set that I might have to hide before she leaves it's so covetable.

Here's Stephanie the Crockpot lady of A Year of CrockPotting, yes, I wish she'd leave that thing at home, but you know she is obsessed with her crockpot and as long as she's ok with it, I guess she's welcome to bring it along. She puts her crockpot to fabulous use with these peanut butter brownies - Stephanie, I had no idea honey, so creative. She truly is an original guys and one always likes to invite quirky people to liven up one's tea party.

When Lyra of Gluten Free Hippie arrived she told us she was all out of chocolate last night and was happily struck with inspiration before desperation set in, to create these blackberry molasses tarts. Folks, if you don't already know - I love molasses; I could eat it by the spoonful. It gets short shrift around here because Nick is most definitely not a fan. So Lyra, come in! I'll fight you for the last bits....

Esther of The Lilac Kitchen arrives looking a little sweaty as it's getting to that time in her pregnancy when just walking down the street feels like completing a marathon with a bag of shopping in each hand. Put your feet up Esther while I put the cheese scones you bought on a pretty plate. I'm so glad you made it.

Maryann of Finding La Dolce Vita sashays in like the pied piper bearing the most decadent and delicious looking torta di noci, a fantastic combination of chocolate, walnuts, candied orange peel and Godiva liqueur. I had told her previously that I didn't know what flavour Godiva liqueur was and bless her, she bought the bottle to show me - chocolate and booze, you know I'm a fan!

Sheltie girl of Gluten A Go Go arrives with the most amazing looking creation. She tells us it's a Kronans Kaka, translated roughly as the crown's reward. It looks incredible, with a dark chewy crust and a decadent pool of icing waiting to be cut through. Shall I be mother?

Ellen of I am Gluten Free bought the most amazing chocolate chip cookies. Her husband didn't want her to post the recipe because he is convinced that they are a potential gold mine, but she is nothing if not generous and bought a who batch of the things for us to try ourselves. Well tell me what you think, they seem pretty fantastic to me.

A smiling Jeena of Jeenas Kitchen brings us a deliciously summery mango and coconut cake, moist and fluffy with golden mango shining on top when she turned it out of the tin. Mmm, bet it's good with a generous helping of whipped cream....

Finally, it's Carol of Simply Gluten Free with a delicious batch of Mocha Macaroons. They look dark and crispy, but I bet if you bite into them they have a gooey centre - shall we find out? Carol, keep and eye on that cup you bought with the macaroons - I would love to add it to my collection of retro crockery!

Thank you all for coming over for tea, I just loved what you bought! Next month's event is hosted by Linda of Make Life Sweeter and the theme is Birthday Baking for Kids - gluten free of course! See you there x x x