Retro Recipe Challenge #10 - The Recipe Round-Up

Well folks, this round up was supposed to appear at the end of December - but you may remember that I was still breaking into a light sweat just thinking about getting out of my pyjamas and not at all up to the challenge of condensing the wonderful contributions I received from all you enthusiastic food bloggers out there. However, my convalescence is drawing to a close and I find my fingers are up to the task once more, so here goes....

I am not going to give extensive references for all the books and recipes that I was sent - I'll just provide you with a link to the post and an appetiser for what might be contained there, so you can go get the info if you like.

First up is Rose from You Say Tomahto, I Say Tomayto. She chose Snow White as her inspiration for a gorgeous looking apple pie that made me salivate for a piece of that pastry.

Next came Gretchen from Canela Y Camino, who went back to the delightful Peter Rabbit for a dense Irish style bread containing molasses - and you already know my feelings about molasses. I discovered that it can be swallowed by the spoonful as a folk remedy for a cough whilst I had flu. Still cleaning up the black smudges all over the kitchen.....

Lizanne of Bits N Bites turned to Sherlock Holmes for inspiration and found a recipe for Mrs Hudson's biscuits. Her post is full of interesting references and the biscuits look just the thing for nibbling with a cup of Earl Grey, what, what!

Courtney of Coco Cooks went straight to that old Dickens favourite, A Christmas Carol, and chose Plum Pudding as her challenge. Although Christmas is behind us, there's so much rum in those puddings I think they'll easily keep till next year if you make them now!

Melynda of The Things That Make Us Happy Make Us Wise gives us a host of references to penny buns in children’s literature - as if we needed convincing to wolf down one of these shiny topped fluffy treats!

Michelle of Culinography chose The Gingerbread Man and gave it a twist by making 'un-gingerbread', flavoured with butterscotch; for anyone out there who fancies chomping the head off one of those bad boys, but doesn't like a cookie that bites back. Me, I think ginger and molasses go together like bread and butter, or cookies and cream or erm, pomegranates and rosewater. But I know my palate likes anything dark and spicy and most kids prefer to walk on the mild side.

Mary of Shazam In The Kitchen chose a fantastic sounding book, 'Lafcadio - The Lion Who Shot Back' about a circus lion who puts the boot firmly on the other foot and terrifies a haughty Maitre D' into bringing him a whole platter of marshmallows. The drawings are gorgeous and so are Mary's snowy marshmallows.

Dolores of Culinary Curiosity went back to the woods and Laura Ingalls', Little House on the Prairie. She even managed to go to the Little House Cookbook for a mouth wateringly salty popcorn recipe and discovered that 21st century America is a fan of the microwave where popcorn is concerned. Well done Dolores, for reminding us that something so simple can be so good.

Karen of There's A Veggie in My Cake went to, 'The Bee Tree’; a book that looks like it came from my own childhood. Beautiful Eastern European illustrations, tell the story of a family hunt for some honeycomb which is then enjoyed back at home with some baking powder biscuits -scones to you and me. It's a gorgeous post, well worth a visit.

Brittany, The Pie Lady went to another childhood favourite of mine, author of Winnie The Pooh, A A Milne and his book of poems, When We Were Very Young. She chose the rice pudding that made Mary Jane so unhappy, knowing full well that the rest of us would happily eat it every day with no complaints. Charmingly presented as it is in that tea-cup, I could even manage a soupcon for breakfast. One question Brittany - is that a chive flower on the pudding? Maybe that's what Mary Jane was complaining about?

Finally, I almost forgot my own contrbution, Lazy Jack's ginger cake: famous for the excessive use of molasses that caused Nick to swoon like a regency belle and call for his smelling salts.

I hope you enjoy perusing these lovely posts, and thank you to every one who took part. I look forward to the next retro challenge - see you there!