Longing For Light

Every January I find myself wanting to run away somewhere hot. The damp sky, uniformly grey and brooding even at nine thirty in the morning, is bereft of the strong light I'm craving. I sit at my desk in a pool of yellow light cast by the desk lamp and long to be somewhere that makes me squint. Where the air is so hot in the middle of the day, it catches in your throat like dust. Where the evenings are long, warm, and filled with the scent of spices or orange blossom. Never mind my carbon footprint, I want to jump on the next flight to Morocco and fill up my eyes with sky.

I know what to do when I get to feeling like this. I can't run away, so I just have to warm myself up the best I can. These are the things I intend to do to get myself nourished and firing on all cylinders:

Eat deep yellow foods: turmeric, squash, sweet potato, swede, carrots....

Make broths with bones and warming spices: star anise, cinnamon, ginger, chili, cayenne, black pepper, mint, paprika, lemongrass, cardamom....

Eat only small amounts of meat and only those that are warming: beef, lamb, game, liver, chicken....

Get outside and look at the sky, walk by the sea, cycle, stand on a cliff top and let the wind blow through me (making sure my kidneys are well wrapped of course!)

Drink teas that nourish my spleen, black tea, Green tea, rose tea, mint tea, fennel tea, lemon verbena, lemon balm and lime blossom. Sometimes I will sprinkle a little cinnamon in there or a splash of rosewater. I'll make hot chocolate with cinnamon and cayenne when we get home from school all wet and cold.

I'll ask for more hugs (a tired spleen needs touch), get down on the sheepskins and stretch my winter body, ask for a massage, rub a little rose essential oil into my pulse points and a drop of Clary sage on my pillow.

Finally, I will take the homeopathic remedy, Yellow and also Ceanothus. Remembering that spring is on its way. All I have to do is hang in here and enjoy the wait.