Go Ahead Honey - Winter Pickles

Well, it was a small bunch of picklers who turned up for my virtual carnival in a jar this month! Maybe it's the inertia of January, as everyone struggles to pick up the pace again after the haven of a Christmas rest? Maybe I could have visited and blogged more recently? Time does seem to slip away of late, with so many pots to keep attending to...

Please go and check out Alta at Tasty Eats at Home, for her February theme if you missed contributing to this one. Thank you to everyone who did contribute!

Nooshin of For The Love of Food made one of my favourite pickles - Pickled Garlic and gave it a lovely Persian twist with cardamom, cumin and coriander seeds. This garlic pickle is also probiotic - not vinegary, so it provides a little treat for your gut flora too!

Marisa of Food In Jars made a delicious Asian spiced pear pickle with some gorgeous Nashi Pears. Curls of fragrant lemon zest and fiery ginger root give those delicate pears quick a kick! She peps up a salad with it, but I could imagine a slice of this gracing many a spicy plate.

Michelle of Michelle Doll / Bakeshop 360 made another pear pickle - this time a Pear and Rosemary Agrodolce from an authentic Italian kitchen and perfect for bringing that sweet / savoury note to a pear and goat cheese salad.

Austin of Fermenters Club made an incredible looking Slow Sauerkraut with red cabbage - fermented the traditional way with salt, juniper and caraway. Time is the final ingredient that turns the whole thing into a nourishing winter treat - with lovely medicinal notes from the spices. I'd happily nestle some of this in with any slow cooked winter fare for an instant kick of fresh. Fermented pickles also have the added benefit of retaining all their enzymes and increasing production of digestive juices - ideal in winter when we tend to consume less raw food.

Anyone who knows me will have heard me eulogizing the merits of pickled turnips this month in my Awesome Turnip Pickle. But I also have a large place in my heart (and at the side of my plate) for Kimchi, Ginger Carrots, Cardamom Beets and Pickled Radishes - when they come back into season in the spring. I do love the incredible magenta colour that you get from beets, or red cabbage and the burst of orange that a spoonful of carrot pickle brings - feeding the eyes, is as important as tickling your tastebuds.

So what are you waiting for? - get pickling!

x x x