Happy New Year! Go Ahead Honey Starts the Year in a Pickle...

After the cosy blanket of Christmas, here is the unwritten page of 2013 unfurling before our pink, bed-warmed feet. As our resolutions cool and take shape, I find it's better to try them one at a time, to make sure they're all good. The year will take us with it, whether we want to or not - but it's our choice what marks we make on that pristine page.

This year it is my privilege to kick of the festivities of the Go Ahead Honey it's Gluten Free blog carnival. Many of you have contributed over the years and I thank you for making the effort to sustain and nourish my baby for so long! Although I have found it hard to write much over the past year, I hope to make more time for the blog in 2013.

January in the kitchen is a month of slow cooked dishes. Rooty stews, meaty casseroles, roast chicken and greens. Whilst all this comforting earthiness feels appropriate for the darker months, I always find myself longing for a piquant addition to my plate, a counterpoint to roasty, meaty flavours. My solution is to arm myself with an array of pickles, from fiery kimchi, to fragrant caraway sauerkraut and sweet turnips with cumin, any meal can be improved with a judicious scoop of pickled veg.

Now I like to ferment mine as it adds salt and sourness to the sweet vegetables, whilst rendering the brassica family rather more digestible! However, I am a fan of vinegar pickles, dilled cucumbers, relishes and chutneys. They all add something extra to a simple plate of winter food.

My challenge to you for this month's Go Ahead Honey it's Gluten Free, is to give us a jar of something delicious that we can spoon onto our January plates. Although I would prefer your contributions to be as low on refined sugar as possible, I welcome fresh chutneys and slow cooked preserves, probiotic pickles and vinegar pickled onions, fruit or vegetables, salsas and piccalillis - if it's in a jar it's in!

Write something pickle-ish, take a lovely picture and send the link to: naomidevlin @ f2s.com by January 26th. I'll post the round up by the end of the month.