Go Ahead Honey its Gluten Free 2013

Oh my, where does the time go? I was so full of good intent to write something here and then Christmas loomed on the horizon all twinkly, insisting that I start making cards and tying up loose ends if I know what's good for me.

I did manage to gather some hosts for this year's Go Ahead Honey its Gluten Free carnival. After the six month hiatus, I hope you're wielding your wooden spoons in anticipation of some seriously delicious cooking? We're going for a Primal theme this year. It should be a year to get you inspired to eat well, ditch the sugary treats and focus on some wholesome, real food. For me, it feels like coming home.

I don't have a full list of themes yet, I'll update as they come. If I have put you down for a month that you can't do, please let me know asap.

Go Ahead Honey its Gluten Free 2013!

January - I'm going to kick off the year with some winter pickles. Struggling to know what to do with that glut of red cabbage? Need something fruity to perk up your sunday roast? Got a new way with beets? I'm hoping for everything from sauerkraut and kimchi to apple butter and some bubbling jars in kitchens around the world.

February - Alta Mantsch of Tasty Eats At Home gives us free rein to cook up some Comfort Food - whatever that means to you personally? Bring on the buttery greens, slow cooked roots and savoury meat for me!

March - Zoe of Z's Cup of Tea is calling for Real Food. No fake food need apply!

April - Michelle of Bakeshop 360º gives us the chance to indulge in a seasonal fruit and vegetable fest with Mash, Purée and Coulis - a chance to dust of the mouli and pass your sauce like a pro.

May - The unstoppable Shirley Braden of Gluten Free Easily and All Gluten Free Desserts brings us, 'When You're Grain Free and Feel Like a Nut, But Can't Eat Nuts!' - get your chops round that!

June - Sunny Busby of And Love it Too!,  hosts with Primal Travel Food - fantastic for all of you about to set off on your summer holidays and wondering what to pop in your handbag for the journey.

July - Tracee Gunter of Mrs Ed's Research and Recipes chose Bars as her theme (sugar free and grain free if you can manage it?) - no, not the kind you fall out of on a Friday night after too many Dirty Martinis...

August - Nooshin of For The Love of Food is doing something fruity - perfect for the month when everything is at it's sun kissed ripest. Yum!

October - Lauren Benning of Healthy Indulgences gets you licking your (sticky) fingers and stocking up for Halloween with, Primal Sweets.

November - Edwina Cottino of My Mezzaluna  - theme TBC

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