Turkish Eggs for Breakfast

I could honestly eat eggs without complaint every morning. Maybe simply fried in duck fat or scrambled with a bit of butter?  Sometimes boiled with some Celtic Sea Salt sprinkled in as I go. There's nothing I can't do with a plate of eggs inside me.

However, during my research for an upcoming book on gluten free Middle Eastern food (I'll keep you posted, don't worry!) - I found  a recipe for poached eggs nestled in a little yogurt and drizzled with bright red paprika butter. The image was enough to stop me in my tracks - white eggs with a buttery bright red trail across them. Just like my first image of snow white with those red lips and that pale, pale skin.

I rolled the flavours around in my mind for a minute before deciding that it sounded like a very good breakfast indeed, spicy, smoky, sharp and buttery. A feast for both eyes and tastebuds.

I'm casein free, so I left yogurt out of my breakfast - but by all means add it to yours. Just spread a couple of spoonfuls across a plate, ready to receive the eggs as you poach them. It's also good without though.

In my version, I have caramelised the butter to bring a delicious nutty sweetness that balances the smoky paprika and added a little more chili heat. Eat with a herb salad, or chopped salad dressed with something sharp.

Turkish Eggs with Smoked Paprika Butter (serves 4)

8 Large Organic eggs 
About 250ml Live Whole milk Yogurt
1 Garlic Clove - squashed in its skin
50g Salted Butter
1 tsp Hot Smoked Paprika
1-2 tsp Sweet Paprika
Aleppo Chili Flakes / Pul Biber
Fresh Parsley or Mint - optional

Make the paprika sauce first.

Melt butter in a small saucepan, add the garlic clove and cook over a medium heat, stirring, until you can see the sediment in the bottom of the pan start to turn golden. Instantly plunge the bottom of the pan into cold water to arrest the cooking process.

Remove garlic clove and stir in both paprikas. Taste and decide if you want more heat or more sweet paprika. I don't like it too dense as I like to taste the caramelised butter too. Set aside.

Poach the eggs in acidulated water (vinegar or lemon juice). I do mine one at a time and pop them into a pan of warm water to stay hot while I cook the others. I like to swirl the water, pop in the egg and let it form that lovely drop shape. Let it cook 75% and then transfer to the warming pan where it will continue to cook to runny yolked perfection.

Spread yogurt on the plates and top with two drained eggs per person.

Drizzle paprika sauce Jackson Pollock style over the whole thing.

Sprinkle with mild chili flakes - or put them on the table.

Strew with some chopped parley or mint - or eat with a herb salad.