Go Ahead Honey Its Gluten Free! Goes Primal!

With the excitement of moving into our house, Finn finishing his last year of primary school, discovering the new walks and runs around our new home and general life chuntering on - I have forgotten to organise this years hosts for Go Ahead Honey...

I usually make a note of any offers through the year and then put out some feelers in the spring so that my list is up and running by June. This year, I'd like to do it differently.

I would love to encourage the gluten free community to think primal about this year's Go Ahead Honey themes and suggest something they would like to host based around ideas of health and harmony.

Whether you fancy a month of foraged delights, grain free breads, super foods, ways with greens, portable snacks, primal baby foods - you just name it and I'll put it in the pot for next year.

If you can think of someone you know with a great blog who might like to host, just let them know.

I'll start the year in September 2012 and run it through until September 2013. So, pick a theme and  make it as inspiring as you can - even if it's totally simple. Let me know all the months you could do - or anything you simply can't do. Leave a comment and email me if you like and I'll gather up next year's hosts into an elite team of gluten free inspiration.

I'll let everyone know by the end of the month.

Naomi x x x