Superstar Racing Pigeon!

At the risk of turning this food blog into a pigeon fanciers magazine, I just wanted to update my last post a little with some happy news.

A couple of days after my last post we had a phone call from the owner of our lost pigeon. We had called and called the number on his tag, each time wondering where his owners could be and why they weren't more solicitous of the bird's whereabouts.

It turns out that they were staying in a holiday caravan only a few miles down the road the whole time, oblivious to our increasingly more concerned phone calls and their missing pigeon.

The owner proudly told us that the birds had flown that morning from France, over the channel and were headed east to Salisbury. They all travel en mass to France in a special bird transport vehicle, and the likelihood was that our bird didn't get any water or food on the trip - so his reserves just ran out and he plopped down nearish somewhere he knew.

When we worked out what time the pigeon had arrived at our deck, it looked as though he would have won the race if things hadn't gone awry.

Apparently, this was no ordinary homing pigeon, plodding his way back east - he was a champion racer, with a mantelpiece crowded with trophies and rosettes. His owner thanked us for taking care of his pigeon and said that he had returned home in good health, ready for a long rest at the end of the season.

We both gave a contented sigh, glad to have been of service, warmed by a happy ending.

I've been looking at pigeons differently ever since, and tipping my hat as they fly overhead and perch on telephone wires. As long as they don't eat my tender pea shoots, they're welcome to visit anytime.

x x x