The Perfect Boiled Egg - Go Ahead Honey it's Gluten Free

This month's Go Ahead Honey theme is, Mother's Recipe Box - hosted by the lovely Raj, of Flip Cookbook. She chose it to celebrate American Mother's Day, which falls at a different time of year to ours in the UK. She remembers how her mother's recipes helped her when she left home and how she still finds them an endless source of wisdom and comfort.

I hope that Finn will look back on our kitchen time together with similar fondness and maybe pop over to the blog for a muffin recipe when he finally leaves for college in several years time.

My own mother however - a recipe book? Ha!

Anyone who has been a long time reader of this blog will know that my mother was no culinary genius and that our cupboards were often pretty bare. Not for nothing was I built like a whippet as a child! She had a few standbys - Vegetarian Irish Stew or Mash, Baked Beans and Soya Mince (eek). She even had a couple of great treats that she would make occaisionally - Magic Lemon Pudding (See my SCD/GAPS version here) and Fluffy Eggs, (see my SCD/GAPS version here).

Mostly, she just saw (and still sees) cooking and eating as one almighty chore and her greatest friend was the boiled egg. Now in her sixties, she has a kind of egg Gong Fu that enables her to turn out a perfect runny yolked egg in any pan, with no timer and often hardly any water either. I reckon that these days, eggs just see her coming and know what to do - falling into line like disciples in the presence of the master.

They say that you turn into one or other of your parents eventually and I guess that my nod towards this inevitability is that I eat eggs for breakfast pretty much every morning. I tend to mix it up with Revueltos, Frittata,  Chicken Soup with an egg poached in it - keeping things interestingly delicious.

Sometimes I just have a couple of perfectly boiled eggs - and here's how I do it.

A Perfect Boiled Egg

Take a small saucepan with a lid, pop in one or two Large Organic Eggs and add just enough cold water to cover.

Bring quickly to the boil.

As soon as the eggs are bubbling, put the timer on for 3 minutes (runny yolk) or 4 minutes (fudgy yolk). Don't boil your egg longer than that - it's a crime.

Turn down the heat to medium, clap on a lid and wait for the timer to ping.

Strain off boiling water, cover with cold and eat straight away!