Shrove Tuesday! Pancake heaven... (Gluten Free, SCD, GAPS, Primal and WAPF)

Finn reminded me as we walked to school, that I had forgotten to make pancakes this morning. Gah! I slapped my head and promised that a plate of the good stuff would grace the table at supper (because in our book - pancakes are acceptable all day fare.

Pancakes needn't be a waist expanding, sugar filled guilty treat. Made with whole grains, nuts or vegetables, soaked with probiotic yogurt or wild yeasts and rich with eggs, flax seed and milk - they can be a wholesome and delicious addition to any meal.

Make your pancakes with any wholemeal flour - I like buckwheat or chestnut, but if you don't need to avoid gluten then spelt, rye, barley and stoneground wholemeal wheat work just fine.

You can add rolled oats, cooked rice, sprouted grains, ground almonds, mashed potato, squash or peas - banana for a sweet pancake. Whizz it all smooth in a blender, or leave it nubbly and interesting - it's your pancake, and with any luck you need never eat exactly the same one twice!

I like to set down a plate of pancakes (blinis or crépes) and a smörgåsbord of toppings: butter, liver paté, dripped yogurt, ripe banana, avocado, pesto, hummus (I make a paleo version with courgette and macadamia but no chickpeas), maple syrup, fresh lemons, molasses, ground cinnamon, tahini... You name it! Then folks can pile up their own combination of sticky topping to order. Always accompanied with a bowl of salad and lots of crisp cruditées.

If you'd like to try a pancake supper - Shrove Tuesday or not - here are a few of my recipes to try out. All gluten free of course. x x x

Fluffy Almond Pancakes (SCD, GAPS, Paleo, WAPF)

Overnight Buckwheat Blinis (WAPF)

Whole Rice Pancakes (WAPF)

Egg Crépes (SCD, GAPS, Paleo, Nut Free)

Pea Pikelets (SCD, GAPS, Paleo)