Breakfasts and a Week of Crazy

Last week I found myself sucked up in a whirling tornado, desperately clicking my shiny red heels together and saying, 'take me home, take me home', to no avail. Between bootcamps, clients and teaching a lovely group of fellow homeopaths, I just about managed to find time for those breakfasts I love.

I ate (in no particular order)...

Lamb mince, fried in a little olive oil till starting to crisp a little on the bottom with tamari and oregano. Fresh watercress and cherry tomatoes.

Avocado, sweet romaine lettuce and red peppers with cod roes and chorizo (fried in butter)

Courgettes sautéed in olive oil with peas, red peppers and parsley, scrambled eggs and butter.

Aubergine, tomato and lamb bake from the night before with a handful of watercress.

Spinach wilted in butter with a pinch of mace, peas and scrambled eggs with lots of butter

French beans, courgettes, red pepper, cherry tomatoes, basil and chorizo with scrambled eggs (weekend blow out!)

Come on - lets hear what you had for breakfast this week!

x x x