Raw Milk and Butter Straight to Your Door!

For anyone wondering how they can include wonderful unpasteurised, unhomogenised milk and butter into their diet without access to a farm shop; Sussex farm Hook & Son run a mail order nationwide UK service that brings it chilled and creamy, straight to your door!

Raw milk has all the enzymes and probiotics already in it to help your fully digest the milk.

It is one of the few dietary sources of heat sensitive vitamin B6 - especially important for vegetarians who can't get this from any other source. You can also get B6 from raw meat, fish and egg yolks - but many people don't have a nice steak tartare for lunch anymore!

Raw milk is an excellent source of vitamin C and has all the butterfat and vitamin D needed to fully assimilate the calcium contained in it.

In studies conducted by Weston Price, it was found that raw milk also helped with stiffness and joint problems.

So what are you waiting for? Order up a few pints and get a yourself fantastic raw milk moustache!

Find them here at Hook & Son