A Breakfast to Go To Work On - Go Ahead Honey its Gluten Free!

What with all this house building, financial juggling and finger crossing, there is no time to write anything here - much as I long to.

In rare still moments we head to the beach, allowing random dogs to lick the salt spray from our fingers, opening the tiffin tin for a steaming supper of slow cooked chicken and peppers, squinting into the pink evening haze at families silhouetted behind their stripy windbreaks, a line of puppet show vignettes stretching out along the shore.

Finn kicks off his shoes and we run up the steep cliff that scales the beach, laughing and catching our rough breath, marveling at the spongy tough grass underfoot. As we run, there is nothing but now, here, racing Finn, looking for my next footfall, heart thumping against my ribs.

When stress levels are high I need to eat a breakfast that is super nutritious and slow burn. Something that will coo at my adrenals like a turtle dove, until they realise that they can stop firing because everything will be OK. Anything else leaves me hungry later in the morning and kicks my blood sugar up a notch too high.

This month's Go Ahead Honey event is hosted by the wonderful Shirley Braden of Gluten Free Easily. She chose  for her theme, dishes that don't need a recipe - No Recipe Required! Go and read her post about the theme - it will inspire to you get in the kitchen and throw a few simple ingredients together just like that.

I knew my breakfast melée of vegetables and eggs would fit the bill - after all, who wants to consult a recipe just for breakfast? I simply needed to find a few moments to write about it!

My breakfast is a little like the Spanish Revuletos dish that I wrote about a while ago, but this version has no rules, and no recipe. I just chuck in a little of what I fancy and then spend a leisurely fifteen minutes chewing it thoughtfully while I read or chat to Finn. (Nick has smoothie-to-go). You vary the ingredients as the seasons roll round, casting your net wider as you take in, Summer vegetables, Autumn treats and the nutrient dense, herb leaves of Winter.

Here it is - a seasonal breakfast that bumps up the veg quota in your day!

Always include:
2 fresh organic eggs

Make up a combination of any of these to cook in a little olive oil, butter, bacon grease or duck fat:
Cavolo Nero
Winter Kale
Frozen Peas
Red/Orange Pepper (or add raw)
Purple Sprouting Broccoli (can be steamed or cold from last night)
French Beans (cooked or raw)
Runner Beans (best cold from the night before)

Add any of these raw at the end:
Fresh tomato
Smoked salmon
Nasturtium Flowers
Pea Shoots
Sugar Snap Peas
Flat Leaf Parsley
Spring onion
dandelion greens
hawthorn leaves
sprouted seeds/grains

You want to end up with a plate full of food, so work out how much veg you need (usually equivalent of; 1 courgette, a handful of peas and a handful of cherry tomatoes.

Gently sauté your cooking vegetables in the fat of your choice - I usually dice mine so I don't have to wait for hours.

Pull it all to the side of the pan, add a knob of butter or slosh of olive oil and your beaten eggs. Stir until just barely cooked.

Stir everything together, plate up and add your raw garnishes, sea salt if needed and maybe some black pepper.


If you'd like to take part you still have about 24 hours to the deadline for this month to email Shirley. If not, please take part in another month's event - hosts are listed in the link at the top of the sidebar