Zukay Live Foods - probiotic superfoods in gorgeous packaging!

I'm a huge fan of fermented foods and always try to encourage clients to include something fermented in their diet every day. Fermented foods might include, sourdough bread, bircher muesli, miso, tempeh, live yogurt, kefir or sauerkraut - all addictively delicious once your taste buds get a liking for sourness and umami.

The grandaddy of fermented medicine foods has to be Kvass - a Russian tonic made from beets and whey with a sour, salty tang and a little bubbly kick on the tongue. Full of electrolytes and probiotics, you just know it's doing you good as it slips down!

However, not everyone wants to have Kilner (Mason) jars full of fermenting beets hanging around the kitchen, and we don't all have the time to be peeling beets and straining whey constantly. For those folks, help is at hand with a fantastic range of flavoured kvass from Zukay Live Foods.

The bottles arrived all the way from America for us to try and I could hardly wait to chill mine before I cracked open the Carrot and Ginger Kvass. We drank it with lunch and it was tart in the extreme, but moreish too - a great counterpoint for the avocado salad and mackerel we were eating.

Fin pronounced it disgusting as he hates anything vinegary - but I found that a pinch of coconut sugar and some sparkling water turned it into something he was quite happy to quaff as a refreshing aperitif. For anyone trying to improve their children's digestion, kvass is a fantastic thing to have on hand.

My favourite hands down was the Ginger and Beet Kvass. Satisfyingly rich and darkly beety - I found myself popping to the fridge for another nip when I needed perking up. For a lighter version, this was also great with sparkling water.

Zukay had also included a fermented vegetable salad dressing - pepper and cilantro. Tart and garlicky, with a bell pepper fruitiness, I loved the flavour, but found it vastly improved in texture when shaken up with some virgin olive oil. Salad needs oil in my opinion (oil facilitates digestion and absorption of nutrients in the salad). So I kept the bottle in the fridge and when I needed some dressing, I just shook up a little with some oil in a jar - it was fantastic and I really missed it when the bottle ran out and I realised that I couldn't just run to the shop and buy some more!

All you readers who live in the United States however, can rush out and buy some! I urge you to try both kvass and fermented dressings and pickles, both for your health and the amazing flavours. The Zukay Live Foods website lists all retailers who stock their products and they may even mail them to you too. Find them here on Facbook too.

Please Zukay - find a retailer in the UK! My tummy needs you!

x x x

PS. Sorry to keep you waiting - Egg and dairy free sourdough recipe to follow at the weekend. Thanks for being so loyal and patient x x x