Revueltos - Brunch Spanish Style - Go Ahead Honey it's Gluten Free!

This month, Go Ahead Honey is all about that meal between breakfast and lunch - Brunch. 'Springtime Brunches' is hosted by the wonderful Maggie Savage of She Let Them Eat Cake.

Brunch is a weekend thing really, a meal for spreading the papers, or propping up a novel - a long lazy sociable meal to enjoy with your family, or a decadent solo treat for a few precious peaceful hours alone. Any way you take it, brunch conjours a langorous feeling of not needing to be anywhere but here and allows you to cast off your everyday breakfast, for something a little more substantial.

In Valencia it is quite acceptable to consume a small breakfast at home - maybe just coffee - and stop into a bar or cafe for a little meal that rests somewhere between breakfast and elevenses. At eleven O'clock, elevenses are the very thing and this should tide you over until lunchtime. On your way home from the office, you might break the journey with a little fortifying tapa to set you up for your late evening meal. Grazing might have been invented by the Valencianos!

Revueltos (reb-wel-toss) simply means 'scrambled eggs' in Spanish - but a plain old plate of eggs this is not! It's a dish to celebrate the coming of spring, with spring onions and purple sprouting broccoli, or to usher in the early summer with fresh broad beans, asparagus and jamon Iberico, when Summer is in full swing, revueltos is a vehicle for charred peppers, peas, cherry tomatoes and baby courgettes. You could eat a whole plate full (a ration) or a dainty serving on a tea plate as an amuse bouche (tapa). This kind of food is as easy going as it is flavoursome.

I won't even give you a recipe, because this is the sort of dish that happens when you look in the fridge and say, 'Aha!' - some chorizo, a little sausage, a few peas and some peppers. Bingo! Revueltos!

The key is to get some sweetness in your veg, some pep in your sausage, cut everything into cute little dice, keep your eggs soft and the curds large.

Here's a rough guide to Revueltos. I used, charred red pepper, frozen peas, courgette, beef tomato, chorizo picante, chives & home-made fennel sausage.

Revueltos (Per person quantities)

2 large free range eggs
an inch chunk of chorizo, or a similar garliky, spicy sausage, diced
a half bowl of diced seasonal vegetables 
half a clove of garlic per person (optional) minced finely
some halved cherry tomatoes or half a gnarly beef tomato/marmonde tomato chopped
chives/spring onion/red onion sliced finely
protein (prawns/cooking sausage/cold chicken/cold fish/cooked shelled mussels...)

If using bell peppers, char the skin over a flame and put in a bag to steam the skins off. Rinse and dice roughly.

Throw a large knob of butter and a splosh of olive oil into a heavy bottomed frying pan (skillet). when butter has melted, add chorizo and diced vegetables (but keep out peas and tomatoes if using).

Sweat until the veg have started to take a little colour and sweeten, but not enough to make them collapse. The chorizo oil, will have turned everything deep gold.

In another pan, fry your sausages in duck fat/lard/dripping/olive oil until done and then cut into chunks when they are just cool enough to handle and add to the veg. If using cooked meat, just dice and add to the veg at this point. Add peas if using and stir for 30 seconds.

Beat eggs with lots of black pepper and a pinch of salt in a bowl.

Scrape veg to one side of the pan and add the egg to the empty side. Cook over a medium heat, scraping the egg into curds, until the egg is 80% done.

Stir everything together and finish cooking the egg - remember it will continue to cook afterwards.

Dish up onto warm plates, garnish with chopped tomato and chives/spring onion/finely sliced red onion and another good twist of black pepper.

Spread out the papers and dig in!