A Few Things You Didn't Know About Me and An Opportunity For a Guest Post.

Whew - long post title!...

One of my old blogging buddies, Carol of Simply Gluten Free gave me this little blog award - which includes a kind of meme.

Now I don't usually do memes - I prefer to let my recipes narrate for me. But I like the whimsical spirit of this one, so here it is. I have to write five details that you may not know about me - only one of which is true. You have to guess which one in the comments and I will reveal the answer at the end of the week.

Plus, I will pick one random blogger from the comments and offer them a guest post to celebrate my 403 followers. The theme of your post is entirely up to you! Get your comments in by Friday 11th to be considered.

I'm going to try to celebrate this week with a little chocolate power bar - as I missed out on the February choc-fest! I also have a great cheaty sourdough bread recipe that I've been working on, with buckwheat sprouts, malty Teff and coconut flour. Yum!

We also have some photos of our fledgling house. When Nick returns my data cable from the office, I'll get uploading those photos.

Five Things I Bet You Didn't Know About Me...

1. I grew up in a hippy commune in Dorset, and was a budding star in the folk music firmament. Unfortunately, I got into a spat with Maddy Prior over the words to, 'All Around My Hat' and was promptly blacklisted. The last thing she said to me was, 'hey nonny, nonny! you'll never work in this town again'

2. I used to work as a costume designer in film (very low budget films unfortunately!). Whilst waiting in the foyer at Angels and Bermans for the main designer to turn up, Richard E Grant walked in. I smiled broadly and raised an eyebrow in a manner that he obviously mistook for something other than mild star struckness. He rushed over and kissed both of my cheeks before realising he didn't know me from eve, and then had to style it out with some big theatrical noises and a welcome intervention from his PR person...

3. I used to design children's clothes for Jigsaw Junior. On one of my jaunts to a Paris fabric fair I happened to find myself at the same Bhudda Bar table as John Galliano, high as a kite, dressed like a very, very camp pirate. He made us watch a very long and ultimately rather boring card trick. Of course I would blank him on principle now...

4. I'm a distant relative of Jennifer Ehle. I had no idea until the BBC adaption of Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice. When everyone commented on how much I looked like her, I decided to do some research and found that, we were actually relatives! How cool is that?

5. When I was little I wanted to be an airline pilot. I've always loved flying, the bit where the ground is rushing towards you and then that jolt in your tummy as the nose lifts up. My nose is always glued to the window if we're flying over land, or my eyes wistfully unfocused as the cloudscape drifts past. I even love airports! I love wafting through the perfumery and luxuriating in the timeless bubble of having no baggage to weigh me down and no place to be except here, just waiting for the flight to be called. Bliss.

I wonder which one is true?

I nominate the following bloggers to receive this very silly award:

Mise of Pretty Far West - a wonderful curator of gorgeous things and dispenser of distinctly Irish wit. Never fails to make me smile.

Kate of Love You Big - with an unfailing eye for design and a delicious mid century, scandinavian flavour that always sends me dreaming about the day our house is finished and I can make it a lovely home. She also tells the heartbreakingly lovely story of her husband's proposal that is a must read.

Katie of Kitchen Stewardship - a fellow food renegade with a light touch approach to encouraging folks to try some of the traditional foods she celebrates with her blog. Highly instructional - this blog will change your life!

Jenn of Jenn Cuisine - the most beautiful gluten free blog for miles around, Jenn gives the likes of Tartelette a run for her money. Stop by and just drool!

Megan of Food Sensitivity Journal is a mine of information for anyone needing to avoid gluten, dairy, soy, sugar - you name it!

I hope you guys want to fly with this little meme award - if not, just know that I think you're great and lets leave it at that.

x x x