And The Real One Was...

It was number two.

See below for this week's meme - five things I bet you didn't know about me - only one of which was true.

Yes I really was once mistaken for a chum of Richard E Grant (before he slapped the non harrassment order on me, humph!).

I'll let you in on a little secret, for anyone who guessed one of the others - they were all a little bit true, and here's how.

Number one. I was a small twinkle in the folk singing firmament - a very small bud. For anyone who knows Show of Hands - I sang with them on a couple of occasions back in the 1980's. I also did support Maddy Prior when she sang with her band at the Bridport Art Centre a few years ago. But I merely worshipped the holy folk soil she stepped upon, and never a cross word was spoken.

Number three. I did indeed work for Jigsaw Junior, for two happy years before I fell pregnant with Finley. I also used to jaunt off to Paris for the fabric fairs. I was at the newly unveiled and searingly hot Bhudda Bar when John Galliano turned up with his fawning entourage in tow. But I'm afraid that for all our efforts, we were not invited to sit at his table, or to his all night high fashion party. Just as well now eh?

Number Four. Now this really isn't true. I really am no relation of Jennifer Ehle. Although, having said that, I might be a distant relation of Meryl Streep, if my uncle Gilman Scally Noonan - poet and longtime friend of the whisky bottle - is to be believed. At every family gathering he sidles up to me, with his Cork eyes twinkling and sighs, 'ah, you're the very image of her'. I haven't the heart to tell him to get his eyes tested again.

Number five. Ok, I have never wanted to be an airline pilot - I only learned to drive a car a couple of years ago! My penchant for late breaking and a desire to get everywhere quite fast, would also mitigate against my being an excellent choice for piloting a plane. I do however, love, love, love airports and flying. I know it's an awful environmental disaster of a thing to love, and I don't actually do it that often. But I dream about packing a little overnight bag and whisking my darling off to some exotic location rather more than I should. Catch me if you can!

So there you go. I had a lot of fun with those little stories and I look forward to reading yours.

Umatji of Too Many Things In My Head, came out of the hat for a guest post - hopefully she'll have the time and inclination to pen something for you to read here?

I promise that there will be recipes here in the next few days, just hang in here with me ok?

x x x