Go Ahead Honey its Gluten Free! Naughty, Charming and Downright Delicious

This month for 'Go Ahead Honey its Gluten Free', the theme I chose was, 'Love Potions & Charmed Foods'.

February can be a little bit of a wet blanket in the UK with grey weather, pasty skin, low vitamin D reserves, wall to wall brassicas and David Cameron in government. So I thought a superfood theme might encourage us all to look at the ingredients we pop in our mouths every day and delight in their life giving properties.

I urged you to throw away your culinary fig leaf and indulge in some tasty, yet nutritious dishes that fire your metabolism, gird your loins and thrill your taste buds. In short, I encouraged you to partake in a wanton display of sensual nourishment - and you did not disappoint.

To really get into the mood of the thing, we all met as dusk fell, in a clearing shrouded in long wreaths of mist. Bloggers from around the globe unpacked chocolate and spices, almonds, rose petals and many other delicious things, as they began the alchemy of preparation.

Lets have a look at what they dished up, when the banquet was set.

Megan of Food Sensitivity Journal bought a tray of Carob Molasses Fudge - full of good fats, calcium, magnesium and B vitamins! We couldn't resist!

Leanne of Healthful Pursuit bought some colour to our cheeks with a Rosy Love Potion and some delicious, heart shaped, chocolate dipped, Rose Shortbread Cookies (grain free). Full of sensual flavours and healthful almonds. Yum!

Aubree Cherie of Living Free also went to town with two dishes that will fire your passion - and possibly get you into trouble if you're anything like Aubree! First she made Chocolate Aphrodisiac Pie (the clue is in the name) and then she found she couldn't resist making a Romantically Stimulating Curry (which needs to be eaten by romantic candle-light as it doesn't win any prizes for looks!). If your love life needs a bit of spice - head over to Living Free.

Kelly of The Spunky Coconut sliced into a freshly baked loaf of Chocolate & Spice Zucchini Bread, full of lovely mood enhancing ingredients - and my favourite, coconut oil! I'd have mine spread with some salty goat butter, how will you have yours?

Cheryl of Gluten Free Goodness continued the chocolate theme with a grain free, vegan, chocolate cream pie with jewel bright raspberries. There's even a secret, heart healthy ingredient in there!

Catherine of 23 Days and Counting took the chocolate theme and turned it on it's head with an SCD legal creamy orange yogurt dessert and home made white chocolate topping! Anyone who knows me well, can attest to my love of cocoa butter - a healthy saturated fat that oozes comfort. Gold star for effort Catherine!

Chelle of Life at Right Angles bought us a warm and spicy Cincinnati Chili - no picture, so you'll just have to imagine how delicious it looks and roll the spicy flavours over your tongue as you read the recipe.

Nisrine of Dinners and Dreams created these amazing looking Chocolate and Cream Cheese Truffles - I'm imagining chocolate cheese cake, what's not to love? Her list of why they are good for you and life enhancing will make you smile too.

GuFf of GuFf Blog went to exotic fruit for inspiration, creating some delicately perfumed Persimmon Spice Biscuits, with which to charm and seduce your loved one.

Maggie of She Let Them Eat Cake, bought us some toothsome Chocolate Peanut-butter Power Bars, sweetened with mineral rich dates, packed with fibre full almonds and laced with raw cacao. Anyone who loves that salty, nutty, chocolate combination is sure to start drooling at the very thought of finding one of these tucked in their pocket on a long walk. In fact - I'm lacing up my boots now, anyone coming?

Jenn of Jenn Cuisine created one of the most enchanting looking desserts I've seen for a long time. Feast your eyes on those luminous orangettes, that white blanket of soothing cream, studded with ruby raspberries - I think I can see something velvety and chocolate underneath.... She also provides us with an essay on why we should be proud to be foodies that will make you puff up your chest with pride for the times you've caressed an heirloom tomato, or spent hours creating something special for someone you love to devour in 5 minutes flat.

Valerie of City Life Eats used the inspiring Vosges chocolates (think bacon or naga chocolate) as her inspiration for some curry and coconut flavoured Chocolate Curry Bites. Sweetened with blood sugar friendly stevia, they won't give you a sugar high but your armpits may smell of fenugreek... If you both eat them, it shouldn't be a problem!

I decided to keep things simple and celebrate the health benefits of almonds with my Overnight Almond Pancakes. Soaked overnight with yogurt to make nutrients in the almond flour more bio-available. Top them with something nutritious and they make a life enhancing sunday brunch, with no effort at all.

After all that chocolate, we were in a state of altered consciousness! Our bodies hummed with superfood and we danced through the forrest in a riotous Bacchanal of foodieness.

Net month's event is hosted by Linda of Gluten Free Homemaker. She chose Seasonal Soup as her theme - what better way to celebrate the vegetables that are at their very best right now, wherever you are in the world?