394! Last day for Go Ahead Honey Submissions!

I glanced at my little band of followers just there and saw that it had crept up to 394! Ooh that makes me feel cosy. Snuggle up folks and feel the warmth. I plan to do something celebratory when we reach that 400th follower - if it's you, hurrah! King for a day!

Today is the last day for Go Ahead Honey submissions as I will post the round up on Friday night. If you sneak some in later, I'm happy to add them into the post late, but I will be away from Saturday till Tuesday night in London - seeing lovely friends, Nick's brother, visiting a museum or two with Finn and goggling at all the eco wonders at the Ecobuild show.

Our timber frame arrived last week and the roof is already more than a dream. As Finn is not allowed on site, we all went to the field next door to gasp with delight at the reality of what has only been drawn on paper till now.

Forgive me if my posts are rather sporadic - I have a lovely bread recipe to share with you and a delicious carrot and ginger probiotic pickle to rave about. I will post them when I can, just hang in here with me, keeping me warm - all 394 of you. Mmmm...

x x x