Love Potions and Charmed Foods - Go Ahead Honey its Gluten Free!

My Goodness, where did the time go? January was only just drawing to a close and I musing over what to post here - when suddenly a week had passed and I was late! Late for a very important date! (my very busy week included developing another course for River Cottage, for any new parents out there, River Cottage - Feeding Your Baby and Toddler)

This month Go Ahead Honey its Gluten Free is three years old! So I would like to take the opportunity to thank all the contributors and hosts who have made this such an inspiring and long running blog carnival. If you'd like to review past month's themes, all of them are listed near the bottom of the side bar.

Last month's excellent host, Lauren of Celiac teen passes the GAHIGF baton to me, as I couldn't resist keeping this month all to myself!

As Valentine's day falls right in the middle of the month, I thought I'd choose something valentine inspired, without needing to slavishly adhere to hackneyed symbols of love, frou frou or extreme chocolate overload.

I challenge you - my inventive, inspiring, inquisitive friends - to explore the magical side of food and drink this month with Love Potions & Charmed Foods.

Let's pass lightly over anything heart shaped and dripping with sugar in favour of soul foods, ingredients that change your body chemistry for the better, meals that leave you feeling satisfied and yet light as a feather - ready to dance your darling up the stairs and into the night.

You might choose to post on the wonder of raw milk and give us a plate of cookies to dip in that tall cold glassful. Leave us to imagine how you might lick the milk moustache from the drinker's lip.

How about looking into foods that are considered aphrodisiac? Or maybe you might seek out spices and flavours with a mystical history - rose petals and saffron, gum mastic and vanilla beans.

You could look to Ayurveda or Chinese medicine for some guidance on foods that nourish the heart and fire the loins.

I know that cacao is the food of the gods, and it certainly does wonderful things to our blood and brain chemistry. Maybe this valentine's day we could cast our net a little wider and look for alternatives to the ubiquitous? That said - if you have a chocolate recipe with a great mythical story attached or some glorious chocolate love potion - we would all very much love to hear about it.

You know by now that I welcome all submissions for this event. I'm just happy to have you along, glad to have anyone join in and make this a noisier party. Just make it gluten free and try to get inspired by everything I said above - and then surprise me, because I do like surprises!

Email your submissions to: naomidevlin at f2s dot com by 24th Feb and I will post them at the end of the month.

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