Wah Ha Ha Haaaa!

We carved our pumpkin with a smiling crooked toothed smile on one side and a perturbed snarl on the other, set it in the window and dimmed the lights to appreciate it's flickering glow.

Fin decided at the last minute that he would dress up, as a vampire - very on trend. Appearing moments later in black trousers and shirt with collar spookily turned up, a black waistcoat and felt cape, he said he didn't quite feel vampirish enough without some fangs or something and how would we fashion these with our house packed up ready to move?


So I dug out some long forgotten purlescent eye shadow and a khol pencil, a little slick of hair gel and some artful smudging and Fin was transformed into a creature of the night (more kind-a boogie nights, but hey).

'Wah ha ha haaaah!' he roared - camply flapping his cloak for effect. Excellent!

We set off a sky lantern in the garden and watched until it disappeared into the inky chill. Then Fin went to an impromptu halloween party and knocked on neighbours doors with his mates - increasing his own popularity by giving every sweet away.

Later on the sofa with a cup of milky rooibos, face pinkly clean again in a pair of soft trousers, he declared it the best halloween ever. Me too.

We're moving this week, so I won't be back with you again until mid November, when my internet connection is restored. 

In the meantime, I hope you can check out Diane's fantastic round up of her Halloween, Go Ahead Honey it's Gluten Free, event. Next month is hosted by Kajora of Spice lovely and the theme is Oaxacan cuisine! No idea what that is? Well head on over to Spice Lovely and check it out - you're sure to love it.

x x x