Dust Settling and Banana Muffins

I am longing to sit down for a really good chat with you now we're finally back online after nearly a month, but there just isn't time to write something longer than a few lines.

Maybe the highlights?

Our new view over hills and rooftops into the mist wreathed colours of distance.

A little garden full of grass and birds. Woodpeckers, blue tits and pigeons raking the ground for bugs.

New lanes to run in, Florence + The Machine soaring through my ears and out of my mouth...the moon, the stars - they have all been blown out....

There are still boxes in the garage and I find myself enjoying only what we have chosen to unpack. I do like a bit of simplicity.

This house has a good feeling. Each and everyone who has walked through the door so far has said, 'Oh, how lovely!'. I flouted the no smoking rule briefly and smudged the whole place with sage and played my singing bowl up and down stairs. But I think that this was just for me - maybe the house didn't need it?

I really must go! Recipes to write, remedies to send, people to chase, floors to sweep.

There's a banana muffin recipe coming very soon, I promise!

x x x