A New Approach to Fitness!

I've recently been appointed nutritionist for a small company offering holistic fitness retreats in Symondsbury (Bridport). It's a pretty exciting appointment for me, as they are trying to break the boot-camp mold by offering training for the mind and body - with emotional support for those making a big change in their lives. To complement this, I will provide some healthy and delicious menus that focus on whole-food rather than the often highly processed, fat free, carb free, taste free fuel that many boot-camps offer. Everything is gluten free too!

As a team, I think we offer an opportunity to adopt a sustainable lifestyle that reaches far beyond the week that you spend with us.

For anyone who would like to try it out for themselves, we're offering a taster day at a bargain price! Information below...

REBOOT Boot Camp Event Day!

We would like to invite you to another REBOOT Event Day - held on Saturday 20th November in Poole, Dorset. We kick off the day at 10am and finish with a leisurely supper at 7pm.

This fun-packed taster day is a great introduction to the unique REBOOT philosophy, for anyone who would like to take part in a future REBOOT week. It could be a great way for those who bonded on a previous REBOOT week to see old friends - or maybe just a great way to spend your Saturday, working up some endorphins in great company?

Our nutritional workshop will teach you how to refuel the body between training sessions with delicious, healthy and easily prepared meals. Mind training is an integral part of the training programme, helping you enhance physical performance and providing tools for success in all areas of your life. There will be sports massage available throughout the day and a session on when to train and when to rest - you service your car, why not yourself?

Food will be provided throughout the day with recipes for you to take away and cook at home.

Schedule of events (timings are for guidance only):

10.00 am – Assessments – Current fitness levels and ability, to ensure we tailor the day to your needs.

11.00 am – Beach Circuits – Quite simply it means what it says on the tin, with a twist of Mark Hooks!

12.00 pm – Nutritional Work Shop – One of REBOOT’s nutritionists will guide you through the jungle of what to eat to stay healthy and fit. Top tips on superfoods and how to include them in your diet, balancing meals and healthy snacks.

1.00 pm – Lunch – A tasty, nutritious meal will provide all the fuel you need for our afternoon activities without unbalancing your blood sugar.

2.00 pm – Mind Training Work Shop – One of REBOOT’s mind coaches will give a 45 minute presentation on creating balance in mind and body. Balanced thought naturally brings happiness into all areas of your life, enabling greater success, weight loss, and even promoting longevity!

3.00 pm – Boxing – Using pads and mitts, we will show you how to adopt the correct boxing stance and put together six, nine & twelve punch combinations.

4.00 pm – Massage Workshop - provides information on injury intervention through prevention, treatment, specific rehabilitation and sports massage for the whole range of abilities, from competitive athletes to recreational fitness enthusiasts.

4.45 pm – Upper Body Cross Training – A great workout for all upper body muscles with a competitive touch to get every last ounce from everyone.

5.30 pm – The BIG Event – Whatever your goal is, whether it be 1.5 miles, 5km, 10km or a half marathon the route, will take you along some of the Uk’s most beautiful beaches.

6.30 pm - Stretch & Relax – A session on stretching out those hard working muscles, both pre and post exercise, and an introduction to ‘Progressive Muscular Relaxation’.

7.00 pm – The Last Supper – A chance to taste more of REBOOT’s culinary delights while you unwind and share your experience of the day with other attendees.

All meals, snacks and healthy drinks are provided throughout the day to help keep your energy levels tip top.

You can experience all of this for just £60 for adults and £20 for children.

To reserve your place please contact Mark Hooks on 07899 833084 or email me at mark@rebootdorset.com.

Looking forward to seeing you there!

x x x