Go Ahead HoneyIt's Gluten Free! - The Month There Were Two Hosts...

My dearest readers, this month we are blessed with not one, but two hosts of the long running event, Go Ahead Honey It's Gluten Free!

Although the situation may have come out of a misunderstanding and a little lateness in posting - I think we should marvel at the unintended reflection of harvest time and celebrate abundance. After all, sometimes more is just, well - more!

So this month is bought to you firstly by wholesome Ali Seigerston of Nourishing Meals, with a healthy lunch-box theme and a truly inspiring post, bursting with ideas for lunch-boxes and a useful chart for balancing the food you pack for lunch every day. Children can even use this chart to pick their own balanced meal - a very empowering experience, and more likely to ensure that they eat everything they take to school. 

I look forward to expanding my lunch-box repertoire when I read all the wonderful portable suggestions you send to Ali.

Our second host is the chic and playful French blogger, Choupichen of C'est Sans Gluten - who stepped in at the last minute when Ali was AWOL, with the exciting challenge of gluten free bread! Is there anything that says home and comfort like the smell of baking bread? As the nights start to draw in, morning air takes on a chill and carries the scent of ripening apples and earthy dew - this is the time to roll up your sleeves and crumble some fresh yeast in a warm kitchen.

I am hopefully going to be teaching a gluten free baking course in late Autumn, so I'm currently working on my perfect wholesome gluten free loaf - dark and malty with teff and light with freshly ground millet seeds. This will be my contribution - I wonder what yours will be?

Please support these two wonderful bloggers by swelling their in-boxes with entries and filling our recipe folders with your wonderful blog posts on bread and lunchbox tit-bits.

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