Dairy Free Mango Ice-Cream Lollies - Go Ahead Honey it's Gluten Free!

This month's edition of Go Ahead Honey has been a yo-yo thriller chase of find the host! Now that Zoe of Z's Cup of Tea has picked up the reigns and whipped her horse into a gallop, we can all reach into the cupboard and bring forth some dairy free treats to share. If you'd like to contribute - hop over to Zoe's and check out the theme and her wonderfully inspiring blog.

My contribution this month is a simple freezer treat that uses only ingredients from the store cupboard. Made in moments, unfailingly good and there when the weather is fine and a person just fancies a little something cold and creamy - without troubling a cow, goat or sheep for so much as the time of day.

I keep a little row of these in the freezer for Fin as an after-school treat. Sometimes we vary the flavour with some rose water, or pecans, but mostly they're a great vehicle for some delicious honey to shine through the comforting blanket of creamy, almondy, mango-ness. I do add goats yogurt to ours too, or coconut milk in place of water. Treat it as a loose template for your culinary imaginings - but remember, less is usually more.

Store Cupboard  Mango Ice-Cream Lollies

(Makes 4 in a large lolly mold)

1 oz (30g) Dried Mango (unsulphured)

2oz (55g) Flaked Almonds or roughly chopped Cashew Nuts

250ml Liquid (half coconut milk and water, half yogurt and water, or all water)

2 tsp Local Honey

1 tsp Vanilla Extract (Bourbon Vanilla is excellent)

You need a coffee/nut/spice grinder that can cope with wet ingredients for this recipe or you'll struggle to get the requisite creamy smoothness from the nuts and ground mango. If you don't then you could try chopping everything and soaking it overnight before blending it in a blender jug...

Simply grind the buts and mango together until they form a fine crumbly powder and add, honey, vanilla and half the liquid to the mixture (or as much as your grinder will comfortably take without exploding! as a rule, leave at least an inch/2.5cm from the top of the liquid to avoid this), grind again until you have a silky smooth, thick mango cream.

If you have a large grinder you can then add the rest of the liquid and pulse until everything is blended. Otherwise just scrape into a jug and whisk in the remaining liquid by hand.

Taste for sweetness and pour into the waiting molds. Freeze for at least 6 hours or overnight and un-mold by running warm water around the outside of the mold.

Enjoy in the garden with sun-cream and a large hat.

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