Very Easy Grain Free Chocolate Cupcakes

Fin and I spent yesterday ruminating over the lasting-ness of whichever patch of weak sun, or determined rain we were looking out at. Nick spent the day improving his karma with whatever benevolent force watches over us, by scratching his head in the office over planning drawings for our nascent house.

I had planned to walk in some local woods after school with Fin every day last week and been thwarted by post school malaise, homework deadlines, Aikido and rain. Bluebells and beech buds called me like a summons from mecca. Sunday's changeable weather really put the metaphorical boot in. Humph!

So I made cake.

We've not really been eating much in the way of cake lately due to a mixture of busyness and an attempt not to eat too much in the way of sweet things. However, I had just that morning seen a post by Elana, of Elana's Pantry of some very simple looking grain free chocolate cupcakes that involved no beating of egg whites and no raising agent. Thinking that this might produce something dense and toothsome with the minimum of fuss, I set about making them before the 4pm caffeine deadline struck and Finley forced to go without.

I didn't use Elana's recipe, but it was definitely the inspiration for these very simple, dense and comforting cakes. Increase the honey if you have a sweet tooth as they are fairly bitter chocolate tasting (the way I like them) or use dark chocolate instead of cacao. I frosted them with chocolate avocado icing (avocado, honey, cocoa powder and vanilla extract) which is an adaption of Chelsey's recipe for Mocha Cream Cake at The Crazy Kitchen (check it out - it looks incredible!). But you could use whatever frosting you like - cream cheese would be good too.

Very Easy Grain Free Chocolate Cupcakes (makes 10)

4 large organic eggs (weighing 8oz)

6 oz raw cacao chopped roughly(unsweetened chocolate)

6 oz ground or flaked almonds

4 oz organic butter

4 heaped dessertspoons of honey

3-4 tsp vanilla extract or brandy

Preheat the oven to 160C (fan assisted) and set 10 muffin cases in a tray. Fill the two empty spaces with water.

Put the almonds and raw cacao into a food processer and process until it resembles fine breadcrumbs.

Add honey and butter and process again until it forms a ball of dough.

Add eggs one at a time and process between each addition. Add vanilla and pulse to mix.

Scrape into a jug and pour evenly into the 10 cases. Lick all spoons and processor bowl and fingers.

Bake for 25-30 mins or until springy and no soggy bits remain in the centre. You can't test with a skewer because of the cacao.

Cool on a rack and frost with your choice of icing.

Yum! x x x