Coeliac Awareness Week

This week is coeliac awareness week! Hurrah!

I don't write much anymore about being coeliac because it has become part of me - not a disease, just a state. I welcome it and cherish my love for eating well. If I had not suffered myself, how could I understand and help others who are suffering?

When I pass by a bakery, stuffed with buns and floury loafs and feel the unfamiliar tendrils of yeasty baking smells - I don't want to rush in and sink my teeth into bread. I don't long for it because I long for other things now. I long for good sweet butter, for a rare organic steak, I anticipate the first British asparagus and Scottish raspberries. I enjoy the oily crunch of a freshly cracked walnut and sticky chew of a dried fig. I look for produce and quality - not substitutions of something that I know my body does not need and can't use.

But I know that many others are at the start of this camino and I want to help guide them with the collective wisdom that we older coeliacs have gathered. I would love to show them that the view from up here really is worth the trek! 

If you're just starting out newly diagnosed, or fancy a bit of inspiration - click here for a list of the 50 best blogs for going gluten free (I'm at number 25). 

If any of you have particular questions about coeliac, please ask in the comments or  email me direct (naomidevlin at f2s dot com).

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