Breakfast - A Reason to Get Out of Bed (or a reason to stay in bed?)

The clock is ticking for this month's Go Ahead Honey it's Gluten Free! You have five more wakings to eat and document something breakfasty in order to get it to me by Monday 26th.

I've had a few entries, but I would love some more - don't make me come after you!

To get your stomachs rumbling, here are a few breakfasts that we've enjoyed... (All recipes except pear muffins are available, but I didn't have time to link them all - will do by the end of the week. Just search for them in the meantime)

Before SCD - Brazilnut Muffins

Banana and Fig Breakfast (SCD)

A nice cup of tea with Almond Milk (SCD)

Chorizo Style Sausages (SCD) - with poached or scrambled eggs

Hazelnut Pan-Bread (SCD) - great for camping breakasts

Fig and Walnut Bread (SCD)

Carrot and Pecan Bread (SCD)

Pear Muffins

Fluffy Eggs (SCD)

Gluten Free Instant Oat Granola

Oat Free - Pumpkin Pie Porridge (SCD)

You could even try one of those recipes for your breakfast in bed? Adapt it for your loved ones or give it your own special twist? Make this weekend a breakfast bonanza and tell us how it tasted.

I'll post the round up here at the end of the month.

x x x