B is for Doh!

Yesterday evening found me tired and hungry, feeling taken for granted and unable to indulge in any door slamming due to Fin's almost asleepness. To vent my feelings in an effective but quiet way, I threw a book into the living room with some force and then turned to stomp into the kitchen and get my pinny on.

Only as I turned and the book flew away from my angry hand did I see that it's trajectory coincided with my beloved Macintosh.

It landed with a bump, right in the middle of the gorgeous keyboard and flew off again like some paper crow, to land innocently on the sofa - looking for all the world as if it had just been discarded after a leisurely read. After the bump there was a 'boink', actually more of a 'bunk' followed by a 'bink'. It was the sound of a lovely Macintosh letter key sustaining some irreparable damage.

'Boink' went the nameless key, and I flew after it, muttering hushed expletives as I searched the area for a letter. In my panic, I couldn't even work out which key was missing, but continued searching with a growing anxiety that maybe - due to some unknown law of physics, it had vanished into thin air as a punishment for my stupidity.

Eventually I found it across the room. It was a B. I felt a sharp pang of regret as I placed it on the keyboard and found that the clip was devastatingly broken.

Later, Nick amused himself by correcting me every time I said something beginning with a letter B, suggesting that I could use V instead as the Spanish do. Very ha ha.

I set the broken B under the screen as a reminder to stick to door slamming and pillow thumping.

x x x