Pear & Marzipan Pinwheels (Go Ahead Honey It's Gluten Free!)

I was all over apple tart for this month's Go Ahead Honey event - 'Guiltless Pleasures' hosted by the inspiring Amy of Simply Sugar and Gluten Free. Until I made an apple tart and ate slightly too much and realised that what I was feeling might be a close relation to guilt. Hmm... I'll post that one next week and you can decide for yourself.

For now, here's a little something that I make for Fin when I want to give him a treat, don't have much time and have gotten around to making some pear leather in the recent past. For those of you that don't have any pear leather in stock, this is something to bookmark for later.

I often make a 'Fig Sweet' to tuck into Fin's lunchbox. Simply fashioned from a nice fat dried fig, torn in half and stuffed with as many whole almonds as will comfortably sit in the sticky cavity - like a mouthful of ancient teeth. When I want to upscale the treat, I make some marzipan pinwheels. 

If I'm feeling really benevolent, I wrap each one in a little twist of waxed paper or coloured cellophane and have been known to dip the pinwheels into 90% cocoa content chocolate for a special occasion.

Pear & Marzipan Pinwheels

A 6" by 4" square of pear leather on a slightly larger piece of waxed paper or baking parchment.


2oz Flaked Almonds (or ground almonds for a coarser paste if you don't have a coffee grinder)

1 1/2 - 2tsp Set Honey

1 tsp Butter (or Coconut Oil)

Grind flaked almonds to a fine powder in a coffee grinder.

Add butter and honey and grind again until the mixture just starts to form into a ball. Don't over-process or you will end up with a greasy lump - yuck! You can make this by hand with ground almonds or in a food processor, but it won't be as smooth.

Tip the marzipan crumbs over the pear leather square and spread out with your fingers or a fork until in an even layer.

Roll up into a log, rolling the long side. Wrap in the paper and twist the ends to secure.

Pop in the fridge for a couple of hours to firm up, or in the freezer for half an hour. Slice into pinwheels with a sharp knife and keep in an airtight box.

If you would like to enter this month's event, please do! Just go over to Simply Sugar and Gluten Free and check out the guidelines. Then pop back again at the end of the month to see Amy's round up of a mouthwatering list of gluten free, guiltless treats to indulge in! Woo hoo!

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