Thank You For Following!

Rain threatened overhead as Fin and Nick cycled bravely off to school and left the car sitting on the drive, all sleek and inviting. I admired their carbon reduction commitment, but the air was already so damp that they only had time to get to school before the sky broke open for another drenching. Grey hung at every window in the house - damp, cold, depressing grey, the kind of weather that makes you long for a bowl of hot pudding, for breakfast.

I on the other hand had the luxury of staying where I was, in my warm living room with the bird tree lights twinkling, waiting for my first appointment to arrive at the door.

Harry, (next door's cat), arrived first, mewing wetly into the letterbox. I let him in and then a few minutes later my patient arrived, soaked and shivering, framed by a halo of heavy rain. We retreated all three to the comfort of the consulting room and sighed a collective sigh as warmth and colour restored a sense of well being.

The morning's work over, I sat down at the computer for a little emailing and popped over to the blog for a spot of moderation. When I got here I found that my band of followers had swelled to 199! My heart swelled in proportion and greyness be damned, because 199 people saw fit to sign up and be counted. A little Christmas feeling came over me and the rain which had been so oppressive before, seemed somehow less so, as though my swollen heart had warmed the room a little more and kept the rain out.

Followers, 1 to 199, thank you each and every one, for appreciating what I do here, for all your warm and funny comments, questions and suggestions. Go Ahead Honey hosts, thank you too for giving your time so generously and helping to draw us virtual folks ever closer. Everyone else who just comes to look, finds me on a search engine or pops in for the odd recipe, thank you too. You're all part of the one delicious whole. You feed the 'Yes' in me. You make it all worth it.

Thank you.

x x x