Go Ahead Honey it's Gluten Free! Holiday Cookies

My gluten free friends, you must be wondering what had become of this month's Go Ahead Honey, it's Gluten Free! Well, due to unforeseen circumstances, this month's host was unable to host and so the frankly wonderful Stephanie of Gluten Free By Nature stepped in at the last minute to carry the torch aloft, lest it flicker at this busy and magical time of year. Please pop over there as soon as you can to check out her guidelines and posting dates.

The theme is still Holiday Cookies, so for anyone who has a recipe bookmarked and ready to slide into the oven on some greased parchment, go ahead! Cookies ahoy!

For everyone else it's time to get your crunchy, chewy, gooey, cookie thinking caps on and wow us with your own personal gluten free cookie favourites. Will you go for classic shortbread or chic langues de chats? Do you fancy a chewy cookie full of wondrous chunks of chocolate? Maybe you're experimental and feel like sharing some maté tea biscuits, pale and delicately scented, or some rosebud madelines to accompany a cup of earl grey tea?

Cookies (or biscuits this side of the pond) are a fantastic background for a range of tastes and textures and a perfect item to give as a holiday gift. They don't have to be packed with sugar and starch if you don't want them to be - cookies can be made with nuts and dried fruit or oats and agave. But they could also be as tooth tinglingly sweet as you fancy, as light and crisp as a communion wafer. Cookies are the perfect chance for you to make your mark, as individual as you are, every one of you.

There is a world of cookie-ness out there, I can't wait to see what you come up with!

x x x