Banana Ice-cream - a Tall Glass of Heaven

A busy morning with patients whilst Finley made bug hotels in a friend's garden and ate nasturtium flowers bravely. When I picked him up after lunch, the family were enjoying some homemade orange juice ice lollies. Fin pushed his lip out a little and looked very ice lolly-less, but didn't mention it to anyone. 

We cycled home with the strong afternoon sun on our backs. Almost before our sandals were cooling in the hall I handed Fin a martini glass piled to the top with banana and almond ice-cream. He gave me a look of utter joy and pressed the frosty glass to his pink cheeks, orange lollies completely forgotten.

You can find the recipe here, just find some really ripe bananas and chop them roughly before freezing, keep them in the freezer for the moment you get an irresistible urge for ice-cream and make it as simple or decadent as you like.