Blood Type 'O' Diet, SCD and Me.

Well it's been interesting, this blood type exploration.

You may remember a few posts back that I and Fin were finding that we weren't as shiny as before, skin drier, our digestion less settled, my PMS had made an unwelcome return and we both felt that things weren't working out as well as they had been.

After some head scratching I felt that it had something to do with our 'O' blood type and the foods that we had lately introduced and eaten more of. So we decided (ok I decided) to take out all foods that did not comply with the blood type diet, or SCD - and in Fin's case high salicylate foods too.

We stopped eating; coconut, cashews, brazils, peanuts, avocado, aubergine, cabbage, saurkraut, mushrooms, cauliflower, olives and capers. I stopped drinking black tea. We left the black pepper off the table and didn't put any vanilla in our muffins. Cows yogurt and cheese stayed on Nick's side of the fridge and we returned to goat yogurt and sheep cheese. I endeavoured to eat less eggs - although Fin didn't manage this.

The result? My pink wind chapped cheeks became softer within weeks and Fin's scaly legs more like human ones, my digestion returned to normal and although there has only been one cycle, barely a day of unexplained grumpiness (all the others were totally explainable ha!).

Notable exceptions to this unbroken trajectory of improvement were when I ate too much dairy - even the goat/sheep variety and particularly when I threw caution to the wind and ate some cows milk yogurt and cheese.

The most recent and surprising hiccup was after a delicious bowl of rhubarb and honey with ground almonds and thick yogurt, completely delicious! However, by the evening I was feeling distinctly gurgly and had been no stranger to the bathroom. Oh dear.

I had decided to do a circuit class that evening. As my body remembered what it felt like to be me, I found that 'O' type hunter wanted some intense exercise beyond cycling. I wanted to be with others, competing, spurring myself on through the pain. But my tummy hurt.

I knew I hadn't eaten any SCD contraband so I went to the blood type book and had a look. There on the foods to avoid was Rhubarb.

I went to the class anyway and came back on top of the world, red cheeked and wild eyed with endorphins. The next day my body started to recover from the rhubarb purge and I realised that I had enjoyed my last bowlful.

So I'm quite converted I guess. To the 'O' type diet at least. I still have major reservations about 'A' type and would love to hear from more of you out there who have tried to eat this way on SCD. I'll be posting some cross referenced food charts for any 'O' types who would like to try it too.

x x x