Seven Things I love

Natalie of Le Petit Oiseau tagged me with a meme/award combo, The Kreativ Blogger Award. As she is one of my very favourite people, I was delighted to accept the award and determined to get round to the meme.

It's simple really, just list seven things you love, in no particular order and then tag seven others to do the same. My only problem was narrowing the list down to seven. In the end I just wrote what came to me and told all my other favourite things that I loved them just as much. Here they are in no particular order:

1: Making Nick's morning coffee just the way he likes it, at the perfect moment to hand him a fragrant cup as he pushes open the kitchen door, still rubbing the sleep from his eyes.

2: Imagining how some newly invented dish will taste and finding that it really does, it does hurrah!

3: Meeting a cat in the street and bumping foreheads (it's a trust thing) and purring, I love the sound of purring.

4: The sherbet and muscat scent of a ripe quince.

5: Seeing the spark of hope come into a patient's eyes, watching their burden shift and lighten, helping their body work it's own magic.

6: Turning on the fairy lights strung in the bird tree and drawing the curtains for the evening, knowing that any moment now Nick will kiss Finley goodnight for the last time, close the story book and pad downstairs - all mine for another night.

7: Finley sleeping, limbs tossed about, duvet half way to the floor, peace written across his gorgeous rosy cheeks.

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