Wild Garlic Superfood Dip (SCD & Gluten Free)

Oh dear, time seems to have run away from me this month and not only have I not publicized this month's Go Ahead Honey, but I have also failed to create any canapees with which to tempt anyone else to take part. So this month is postponed to next month, the new deadline for submissions of lovely gluten free canapees is April 25th. Please make something tiny for me, even if it's just a tiny cracker with a smear of cream cheese and a morsel of lox (smoked salmon). If anyone would like to host a month of the cooking event Go Ahead Honey It's Gluten Free! just drop me an email or a comment and I'll sign you up for the month of your choice.
I have been cooking alright, but I'm trying to keep a little back for a recipe book I'm writing, so not everything gets posted these days. I've made a banoffee pie, velvety roast pepper soup, home made sausages, baked bream, tahini dressing, numerous salads, courgette lasagne, shepherds pie and turkish delight martini - all SCD legal.
I promised to post my superfood dip featuring wild garlic, so here it is in all it's green glory.....
Wild Garlic and Parsley Superfood Dip
1/2oz (15g) washed flat leaved parsley leaves
1/2oz (15g) washed wild garlic leaves (or one fat clove of garlic)
2 dessertspoons of light tahini
4 dessertspoons of vegetable oil
1 dessertspoon of a flavourful oil such as olive, hazelnut or walnut oil
pinch of sea salt
zest of a lemon
juice of half a lemon
tsp of honey (optional)
1 dessertspoon of yogurt (optional)

Whizz everything together in a blender, scraping down every now and then, until completely smooth. If you leave out the yogurt you might want to add a little water and only add the honey if you think it needs it - some tahini is sweeter than others.
Scrape into a jar or pretty bowl and scoop up with raw vegetables - throw vitamin pills in the bin, who needs them after the calcium, iron, vitamin C and garlic boost you get from this dip? (this is said slightly tongue in cheek - please consult your healthcare practitioner before discontinuing medication of any kind)