Homemade Fresh Chorizo Sausages

Ten fat sausages sizzling in a pan!
Ten fat sausages sizzling in a pan!
Then one went pop and another went bang....
There were eight fat sausages sizzling in a pan.

Hmm. When I was a child, I didn't really stop to ponder the reasons why two sausages might suddenly disappear into thin air. Were they really vaporised or did they (to use the JK Rowling approved) disapparate, only to re-appear on some unsuspecting breakfast plate with a fat 'plop!'?

I hadn't really tasted a sausage at that age anyway, due to our family being staunchly vegetarian. My idea of a good fry up was a couple of sos-mix patties and a pile of scrambled eggs with some Heinz baked beanz providing the much needed sauce for my fatty, textured soya protein approximation of I knew not what.

Now I am truly carnivorous I do know what a good sausage tastes like. I know that feeling of all being well that it can bring to a weekend breakfast. Is there really anything like stepping out of the steamy bathroom all ready for the day, to be greeted by that bisto curl of slow cooked sausage caressing the nostrils? Only muffins come close.

Most sausages have a rusk component of breadcrumb, flour or grain, which is not allowed on the SCD, yet a 100% meat sausage tends to be rather on the lean and solid side - not that succulent mouthful we hope for with our morning eggs. I have been investigating bespoke sausages, but will have to commit to ten kilos of the things - and the freezer is already groaning with Mark and Jean's lamb and beef! My  solution is to make my own, with almond meal instead of rusk - rolling them into sausage like shapes for the pan. They don't quite have the same succulence as a sausage with a skin, because the fat drains out of the sausage instead of bathing the meat as it cooks - but keep them small and cook them fast and they will be a welcome addition to your table. You can be in charge of the flavouring and batch size - even serving up a smorgasbord of different tastes in one meal if the fancy takes you.

I give you my take on chorizo sausage - not the cured kind. A small homage to San Sebastian, the home of the SCD legal, Alejandro chorizo that I am eking out in ever decreasing portions since we returned from holiday. If you don't like chorizo, take out the paprika and add some thyme, or sage - maybe a smidgin of grated apple?

Fresh Chorizo Sausages (makes 10-12)

300g (10 oz) Pork mince
2 heaped tablespoons ground almonds
1 clove of garlic
1 tsp unsmoked sweet paprika (pimenton dulce)
1 tsp smoked sweet paprika (pimenton dulce ahumado)
1/2 tsp sea salt flakes
2 heaped tsp honey

Put the pork mince in a bowl and add the ground almonds.

Chop the garlic finely and add to the bowl with all the other ingredients.

Smoosh together with your clean hands until everything is smooth and combined.

Break off chunks and roll then into small sausages.

Store in the fridge in a sealed container for up to a week. When you want to eat them, fry in a small amount of oil for 10-15 minutes, turning occasionally until golden on the outside and no trace of pink inside.