Hey, Slow Down There a Minute! Go Ahead Honey it's Gluten Free! Slow Food Round Up.

This week has been anything but slow! Boy do I need reminding to step off the treadmill, take a deep breath and let life flow through me. How easy it is to become caught up on the bank in a nest of flotsam, when all that's needed is a little kick of the feet and we're off again, borne up by the endless movement of where we've been and where we're headed.

September was the month for slow food at Go Ahead Honey it's Gluten Free HQ. Joining me this month in the steamy kitchen were a select bunch of hardcore braisers and pot roasters, ready with their wooden spoons and Kilner jars to gently meld the flavours of the season over cups of tea and a nice piece of gossip. When it came to it, I couldn't choose between these delicious meals and say which was slower or more local, was it Rachel's apples, plucked from the grass of her own garden? Was it Nooshin's koresh, the limes for which have been dried for weeks in the Iranian sun? Was it the tender pieces of meat, braised until the cartiledge melted into the vegetables to create that velvety texture we crave from a good stew? Of course it was all of these and singling on out just seemed, well, beside the point.

So here is what everyone made:

Courtney (aka Glamah) of coco cooks made this mouth watering take on the tart tatin - ain't no pastry and sugar soaked apple tooth rotter this though - she slow cooked some tasty beef with mushrooms and celeriac to make a savoury celeriac tart tatin. Delish!

Gabi at The Feast Within used a pork cut that I am completely fascinated by, named a 'spoon roast' - supposedly because when slow roasted, the meat is tender enough to eat with a spoon! No need for fancy cutlery here folks, just dig in.

Rachel at The Crispy Cook made a batch of sweet and spicy chutney from apples grown in her own garden - a tree she had the foresight to plant fifteen years ago. Now that's what I call slow - and local!

Nooshin of Bye Bye Gluten made a sumptuous looking Persian Split Pea Stew - or the rather more romantic sounding, khoresh-e-ghaymey-lapeh. I love Persian food, which is all about the alchemy of slow cooking. Nooshin uses dried limes to give the stew depth and piqancy.

Vittoria of Deliciously Gluten Free bought us her version of her mother's time honoured turkey soup - the stock for which took two days to make! Respect Mama Vittoria! As we don't all have AGAs in which to make two day stock, vittoria brings the recipe up to date with a slightly less time consuming stock recipe. It looks wonderfully restorative Vittoria.

My contribution to the event was the unconventional breakfast dish, Pumpkin Pie Porridge. A dish which contains neither oats, nor milk and came about kind-of by accident, but is sweet, satisfying and reminiscent of pumpkin pie filling - and counts as one of your vegetable portions for the day!

Next month's event will be announced shortly, keep your eyes peeled!